Geometry Test One - Points, Lines, Planes, Angles, and Congruent Figures

by: youmils03

This will test your knowledge of the basics of high-school Geometry. There are 41 questions. 40 or 41 is an A+. 38 or 39 is an A. 37 is an A-. 36 is a B+. 34 or 35 is a B. 33 is a B-. 32 is a C+. 30 or 31 is a C. 29 is a C-. 28 is a D+. 26 or 27 is a D. 25 is a D-. Anything under 25/41 is not a passing grade. WARNING: Those who are not in Geometry or have not taken Geometry should NOT anticipate a high score on this test.

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