DISC Personality Style

DISC Personality Style

by: personalityguy

This is a quick, free DISC personality test so that you can have some fun and learn a few things about yourself using the DISC model of human behavior.

This test is not statistically validated. It's just sort of fun. For more accurate and complete results, check out www.discpersonalitytesting.com.

  1. 1

    When other people bring their concerns to me for advice, I generally....

  2. 2

    My attitude towards detailed work is...

  3. 3

    When I make a major purchasing decision, I am likely to...

  4. 4

    When I go to a party, I interact with people...

  5. 5

    When I talk to another person, I am generally focused on...

  6. 6

    When people let me down, I usually...

  7. 7

    My favorite work environment is...

  8. 8

    When I am stressed, I like to...

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