What Is Your Romantic Love Language?

by: Kristybel

Based on Gary Chapman's book,"The FIve Love Languages."
I created this short but effective quiz to more accurately specify the love language that you use when in a romantic relationship,since some of us use a different love language with family and friends and a different one with our spouse or significant other meaning we could have a primary and secondary love language.Your love language will be one of the following: words of affirmation,gifts,physical touch,acts of service or quality time.

  1. 1)

    Which of the following can make you feel most loved by your romantic partner?

  2. 2)

    You both have the night off;how would you rather spend your time with your significant other?

  3. 3)

    Choose the option with the most attractive words:

  4. 4)

    Which way do you like to express love to your partner?

  5. 5)

    Which of the following best describes you when interacting with the person you are in love with?

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