I Wanna Be With You

Originally Fictional TVD meets TO

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Ps: I really wanted to write a they meet, fall in love, date, break up, spend some time apart, have a little drama, get married maybe have kids...etc kind of story

Chapter 1


yes she's the same VD Character I always play just a little bit older

Lijah seems older than 23-24 and I'm 2 years younger than he is

Birth Name: Angela Anastasia Mikaelson
Choose Name: Angela Mikaelson
Alias: Angel Mikaels
Nickname(s): Angel (to her siblings) and Ange (to her friends)
Petname: Sweetheart
Gender: Female
Species: Original Vampire
Age: 27-28, 1038+
Birthday: July 5th 973/974
Birthplace: Mystic Falls
Appearance: 5'9, 100 lbs, long dark brown hair that's always clipped up unless lazy, chocolate brown eyes, wears jeans, tank tops and hoodies unless its a special occasion and doesn't need much makeup just a little bit of lipgloss since she's naturally beautiful
Personality: A popular girl next door that is a flirty, charming, mean, vain, self-centered, spoiled, manipulative, selfish, over protective, semi controlling, obessessive and possessive Girly-girl who hates emotions but has them, has trust and abandonment issues, tends to push others away accidentally or otherwise, hates to be lied too, has a problem with attitudes/disrespect and will do anything for the ones she loves
Title: Lady Angela Mikaelson
Reputation: Drama Queen/Queen Bee
Description: Middle Mikaelson Sibling
Also Known As: The Nice Mikaelson
Inner Circle: Daisy and Melissa
Female Best Friend: Elena Gilbert always Nina Dobrev
Male Best Friend: Stefan Paul fits for this story
Close Friends: Mikael, Freya, Keelin, Elijah, Hayley, Niklaus, Kol, Davina, Rebekah, Silas, Amara, Tatia, Tom Avery, Sybil, Georgie, Valerie, Nora, Meredith, Damon, Sarah, Nadia, Jeremy, Tyler, Kai, Kaleb while being possessed by Kol, Alaric, Bonnie, Enzo, Matt, Jackson, Aiden, Josh, Mary, Nick, Cami, Vicki, Kelly, Ambrose while possessing Stefan and Vincent I hope I didn't forget anyone
Other Friends: Tristan, Markos, Qetisyah, Katherine I love her because she's Nina, but I will never forgot or forgive her for Stefan's sacrifice
Frenemies: Caroline Friend-seasons 2-5, Enemy-season 6-8 and Marcellus Enemy- Season 1, Frend 2-3
Enemies (People): everyone not listed above
Enemies (Species): Werewolves, Witches, Lesser Vampires, humans...in truth all that threaten harm or death to her family
Greatest Enemy: The Hallow
Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Lover(s): Silas and Ambrose while possessing Stefan
Crush: Tom Avery
Family: Mikael (Father), Esther (Mother), Freya (Oldest Sister), Finn (Oldest Brother), Elijah (Older Brother), Niklaus (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Kol (Younger Brother), Rebekah (Younger Sister), Henrik (Deceased Youngest Brother), Freya's unborn son (Deceased Nephew), Marcellus Gerard (Adoptive Nephew via Niklaus), and Davina Claire (Adoptive Niece via Marcellus)
Honorary Family: Silas and Valerie
Future Family: Stefan Salvatore (Husband), Damon Salvatore (Brother In Law), Lily Salvatore (Mother In Law), Sarah Nelson Salvatore (Distant Niece via marriage), Silas (Ancestor through marriage/Baby Daddy), Jacob Salvatore (Step Son via Stefan and Valerie), Hope (Niece via Niklaus), Danielle and Nathaniel (Twin Niece and Nephew via Kol), Andrea Mikaelson and Elijah Mikaelson Junior (Niece and Nephew via Elijah and Hayley), Raven and Octavia Mikaelson (Nieces via Elijah and Daisy), Claire Gerard (Niece via Rebekah and Marcellus), Riley Mikaelson (Adopted Niece via Freya and Keelin), Cooper Mikaelson (Nephew via Niklaus and Melissa), Nikolina Salvatore (Niece via Elena and Damon), Angela Lockwood (Goddaughter/Niece via Melissa and Tyler), Tatia Mikaelson (Oldest Daughter), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Oldest Son) and Ally Salvatore (Youngest Daughter)
Married Alias: Angel Cooper
Greatest Frar: What comes after death
Secret: Tatia's true identity

Birth Name: Melissa Alexia Branson
Choose Name: Melissa Branson
Alias: Mel Salvatore
Nickname(s): Melis (by Friends) no siblings
Petname: Luv
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Age: 27
Birthday: April 16th
Birthplace: Mystic Falls
Appearance: 5'8, 95 lbs, sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and is usually seen in comfortable clothes that shows off her body nicely
Personality: Privellaged Party Girl
Title: none
Reputation: Semi S(lu)t
Description: LexI's secret daughter, raised by her Godfather after his brother killed her Mother
Also Known As: Angela's best friend
Inner Circle: Angela and Daisy
Female Best Friend: Angela Mikaelson
Male Best Friend: Jeremy Gilbert
Close Friends Lexi, Lee, Stefan, Tyler. Elena, Bonnie, Enzo, Matt, Alaric, Sybil, Georgie, Valerie, Nora, Freya, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Davina, Rebekah, Hayley, Jackson, Aiden, Josh and Cami 24
Other Friends: none
Frenemies: Caroline and Marcel
Enemies (People): everyone not listed above
Enemies (Species): Werewolves and Witches
Greatest Enemy: The Hallow
Love Interest: Niklaus Mikaelson
Lover(s): Tyler Lockwood and Jackson Kenner
Crush: Jeremy Gilbert
Family: LexI (Deceased Mother), Lee (Estranged Father) and Stefan Salvatore (Honorary Uncle/Godfather)
Honorary Family: Valerie and Damon because of Angela and Stefan
Future Family: Niklaus Mikaelson (Husband), Freya, Angela, Rebekah and Daisy (Sisters In Law), Finn, Elijah, Niklaus,
Kol and Henrik (Brothers In Law), Esther (Mother In Law), Ansel (Father In Law), Mikael (Step Father In Law), Dahlia (Maternal Aunt through marriage), Tyler Lockwood (Baby Daddy), Hope Mikaelson (Step Daughter), Danielle and Nathaniel (Twin Niece and Nephew via Kol), Andrea Mikaelson and Elijah Mikaelson Junior (Niece and Nephew via Elijah and Hayley), Raven and Octavia Mikaelson (Nieces via Elijah and Daisy), Claire Gerard (Niece via Rebekah and Marcellus), Riley Mikaelson (Adopted Niece via Freya and Keelin), Tatia Mikaelson (Niece/Goddaughter), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Nephew/Godson) and Ally Salvatore (Niece/Goddaughter), Jacob Salvatore (Godcousin via Stefan and Valerie), Angela Lockwood (Daughter with Tyler) and Cooper Mikaelson (Son with Niklaus)
Married Alias: Mel Mikaels
Greatest Frar: Losing the ones she loves most
Secret: Tatia's true identity

Birth Name: Daisy Noora Saetre
Choose Name: Daisy Saetre
Alias: Noora Forbes
Nickname(s): Dais/Day (Friends), Nora (Siblings)
Petname: Darling
Gender: Female
Species: Heretic
Age: 23
Birthday: July 5th
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Appearance: 5'8, 100 lbs, long blonde hair, blue eyes, usually seen in dresses with leggings or plaid flannel shirts and jeans.
Personality: She's bi-polar so it switches between friend whose kind and caring to rude to people who mess with her friends and sassy
Title: Miss Saetre
Reputation: Carefree Girl
Description: Outlander
Also Known As: None.
Inner Circle: Angela and Melissa
Female Best Friend: Camille O'Connell
Male Best Friend: Niklaus Mikaelson
Close Friends: Elijah, Bonnie, Kai, Elena, Damon, Caroline, Matt, Rebekah, Keelin, Hayley, Alaric, Marcel, Josh, Davina, Kaleb, Sybil, Kol and Seline.
Other Friends: Stefan, Tyler, Liv and Jeremy.
Frenemies: Lucien and Kieran (Cami's uncle)
Enemies (People): Everyone not listed above
Enemies (Species): Witches, Vampires, Werewolves of all types.
Greatest Enemy: The Hallow/Julian.
Love Interest: Elijah Mikaelson
Lover(s): Kai Parker.
Crush: Alaric Saltzman
Family: Eva Saetre (Mother), Willhelm Saetre (Father), Christopher Saetre (Older brother)
Honorary Family: Cami & Klaus
Future Family: Elijah Mikaelson (Husband), Freya, Angela, Rebekah and Melissa (Sister In Laws), Finn, Klaus, Kol, Henrik, Damon and Stefan (Brothers In Laws), Esther Mikaelson (Mother In Law), Mikael Mikaelson (Father In Law), Vildé Saetre (Biological Niece), Kai Parker (Baby Daddy), Andrea and Elijah Mikaelson Jr (Step Children), Hope, Tatia, Stefan, Ally, Cooper, Angela, Riley, Nathaniel, Danielle, Nikolina, Jacob and Claire (Nieces and Nephews), Clarke Saetre Parker (Oldest daughter), Raven Saetre Mikaelson (Middle daughter), Octavia Saetre Mikaelson (Youngest daughter)
Married Alias: Noora Smith
Greatest Fear: Drowning.
Secret: Tatia's true identity

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