My Heart Will Go On

My Heart Will Go On


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Chapter 1


Characters Name: Angela Anastasia Mikaelson
Choose Name: Angela Mikaelson
Alias: Angel Mikaels
Nickname: Angel (by her siblings) and Ange (by her friends)
Petnames: Sweetheart (by Stefan) and Baby (By Kai)
Age: 27-28/1038+
Birthday: July 5th 973/974
Inner Circle: Melissa and Daisy
Best Friends: Kol and Davina
Close Friends: Elijah, Freya, Joey, Kai, Keelin, Mikael, Niklaus, Nora, Stefan, Sybil and Valerie
Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Lover: Malachai "Kai" Parker
Rival(s): Caroline Forbes and Daisy Saetre
Family: Mikael (Father), Esther (Mother), Freya (Oldest Sister), Finn (Oldest Brother), Elijah (Older Brother), Niklaus (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Kol (Younger Brother), Rebekah (Younger Sister), Henrik (Deceased Youngest Brother), Freya's unborn son (Deceased Nephew), Marcellus Gerard (Adoptive Nephew via Niklaus), Hope Mikaelson (Niece via Niklaus) and Davina Claire (Adoptive Niece via Marcellus)
Honorary Family: Silas, Keelin and Valerie
Future Family: Danielle and Nathaniel (Twin Niece and Nephew via Kol), Malachai "Kai" Parker (Husband), Joshua Parker (Father in Law), Josette Parker (Sister in Law), Joey Parker (Brother In Law), Olivia Parker (Sister In Law), Lucas Parker (Brother In Law), Josie Saltzman (Niece through marriage), Lizzie Saltzman (Niece through marriage), Tatia Mikaelson (Oldest Daughter), Ally Salvatore (Middle Daughter), Santana "Satan or Tana" Parker (Youngest Daughter), Jacob Salvatore (Step Son), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Oldest Son), Christopher "Chris" Parker (Youngest Son) I think they're all self explanatory but if you need clarification let me know
Extra: Kai stopped being just Angela's lover after Stefan's sacrifice because Daisy realized that she was more in love with Elijah and that if she couldn't have Kai she could let Angela have Kai that way her friend would no longer be alone and heartbroken raising 3 kids on her own with the Mikaelsons and Valerie's help of course bad at extras I hope that kinda makes sense

Name: Melissa Alexa Keener
Choose Name: Melissa Kenner  
Alias: Mel Parsons 
Nickname: Mel (by Jackson) and Melis (by her friends) 
Petnames: Baby (by Tyler) and Luv (By Niklaus) 
Age: 27
Birthday: April 16th 
Inner Circle: Angela and Daisy 
Best Friends: Jackson and Aiden 
Close Friends: Mikael, Freya, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, Keelin, Davina, Stefan, Hayley, Mary, Tyler, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, Jo, Joey, Kai, Valerie, Nora, Sybil and Georgie
Love Interest: Niklaus Mikaelson 
Lover: Tyler Lockwood 
Rival(s): Caroline Forbes and Camille O'Connell
Family: Mary Dumas (Maternal Grandmother), Jackson Kenner  (Older Brother), Hayley Marshall  (Sister In Law)
Honorary Family: Angela and Daisy
Future Family: Niklaus Mikaelson  (Husband), Freya, Angela and Rebekah (Sisters In Law) Keelin, Davina, Daisy, Josette and Olivia (Sisters In Law through marriage), Finn, Elijah, Kol and Henrik (Brothers In Law), Kai, Joey and Lucas (Brothers In Law through marriage), Marcellus Gerard (Adoptive Step Son via marriage), Hope Mikaelson (Step Daughter), Tatia Mikaelson, Ally Salvatore and Santana "Satan or Tana" Parker (Nieces/God daughters via Angela), Jacob Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore Junior and Christopher "Chris" Parker (Nephews/God Sons via Angela), Clarke Saetre Parker, Raven Saetre Mikaelson and Octavia Saetre Mikaelson (Niece via Daisy), Wyatt Alexander Mikaelson (Nephew via Daisy), Danielle and Nathaniel (Twin Niece and Nephew via Kol), Merissa Kenner (Oldest Daughter), Angela Lockwood (Middle Daughter), Anastasia Mikaelson (Youngest Daughter) and Jackson Aiden Mikaelson (Son)
Extra: After Damon murdered Tyler Melissa was devastated, she swore off allowing another man into her heart, she was around when Angela had to grieve Stefan after his sacrifice and as time passed she became closer to the Mikaelsons. One night she and Niklaus were discussing a possible job opportunity as he was looking for someone to look after Hope on the occasions he and his family could not, Melissa agreed to the job and a private dinner was set up between the two to discuss work details. Months would pass and throughout that time more private meeting about Hope and her progress were scheduled between the two until one day Niklaus asked Melissa on a proper date and with the encouragement of her friends Melissa agreed, the two dated and it actually helped Melissa's heart to heal though on occasion she still misses Tyler

Name: Daisy Noora Saetre
Choose Name: Daisy Saetre
Alias: Noora O'Connell
Nickname: Day, Nora
Petnames: Darling, Love
Age: 26
Birthday: July 5th
Inner Circle: Angela & Melissa
Best Friends: Klaus & Cami
Close Friends: Elijah, Kai, Elena, Caroline, Kol, Marcel, Bonnie, Valerie
Love Interest: Elijah Mikaelson
Lover: Malachai "Kai" Parker
Rival(s): Angela Mikaelson & Hayley Marshall
Family: All deceased
Honorary Family: Klaus, Angela and Melissa
Future Family: Elijah Mikaelson (Husband), Finn, Klaus, Kol and Henrik (brother in laws), Freya, Angela, and Rebekah (sister in laws), Keelin, Melissa and Davina (sister in laws via marriage), Kai & Joey (Brother In laws), Clarke Saetre Parker (Oldest daughter), Raven Saetre Mikaelson (Middle daughter), Octavia Saetre Mikaelson (Youngest Daughter), Wyatt Alexander Mikaelson (Son)
Extra: She loves Elijah more than she did Kai

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