An Original Love Story

An Original Love Story

This story was inspired by the fact I love the New ABC hit show Boy Band

it comes on ABC, Thursdays at 8 so please make sure you watch it and vote

This is originally fictional so please keep rude comments to yourselves

I'm truly sorry if you think it sucks

My friends are welcome to join me if interested

thank you so much for your time


Chapter 1


Characters I tried to find a cute photo of Brooklyn Chance's 2 year old daughter, sadly I couldn't find any

Name: Angela Carter
Age: 28
Best Friends: Melissa and Daisy
Love Interest: Chance Perez
Family: Nick Carter (Father)
Occupation: College Student studying to be an Actress

Name: Melissa Mosley
Age: 27
Best Friends: Angela and Daisy
Love Interest: Brady Tutton
Family: Timothy Zachery "Tim" Mosley aka Timberland (Father)
Occupation: College Student studying to be a Fashion Designer

Name: Daisy Ora
Age: 25
Best Friends: Angela and Melissa
Love Interest: Miles Wesley
Family: Rita Ora (Mother)
Occupation: College Student studying to be a Doctor

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