Celebrity High School

Celebrity High School

TVD Meets The Originals where the Characters play the actors and actresses (real life only fictional)

This is an original story

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Chapter 1


Birthname: Angela Roseanne Ducommun
Choosen Name: Angela Ducommun
Alias: Angel Dobrev
Nickname: Ange
Petname: Sweetheart
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: July 5th
Birthplace: Los Angeles California
Status: Alive
Martial Status: Single
Title: Queen Bee
Reputation: Drama Queen
Clique: Cheerleader
Appearance: 5'9, 110 lbs, Long wavy Dark brown hair/clipped up unless lazy and Dark brown eyes
Personality: A popular girl next door that is a flirty, charming, mean, vain, self-centered, spoiled, manipulative, selfish, over protective, semi controlling, obessessive and possessive Girly-girl who hates emotions but has them, has trust and abandonment issues, tends to push others away accidentally or otherwise, hates to be lied too, has a problem with attitudes/disrespect, doesn't really like public displays of affection but had no problem writing about it and will do anything for the ones she loves...has changed a lot since she was 16 and is still working on fixing her issues I like to think now adays I'm just a popular girl next door trying to work on her issues
Best Friends: Melissa Cooper, Daisy Maddox, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Torrey Devitto, Daniel Gillies, Danielle Campbell and Nathaniel Buzolic
Close Friends: Joseph Morgan, Ian Somerhandler, Riley Voelkel, Sebastian Roche, Nahan Parsons, Steven R McQueen, Michael Trevino, Chris Wood, Nathalie Kelley and Claire Holt
Other Friends: Melinda Clarke, Kayla Ewell, Elizabeth Blackmore, Tristin Mays, Arielle Kebbel, Malese Jow, Michael Malarkey, Zach Roerig, Matt Davis, Charles Michael Davis, Kat Grahm, Candice King, Jasmine Guy, Daniel Sharman, Steven Krueger, Colin Woodell, Yusuf Gatewood, Leah Pipes, Rachael Leigh Cook, Persia White and Nikki Reed
Frenemies: Pheobe Tonkin and Nishi Munshi
Enemies: everyone else not listed above
Love Interest: Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski/Paul Wesley
Lover: none
Ex: Daniel Gillies
Rivals: Torrey Devitto (Paul's ex) and Pheobe Tonkin (Paul's rumored Girlfriend)
Family: Dead Mom, Estranged Dad, Considers her friends family/thinks of her aunts like friends and loves her grandparents more than anything since they spent most of their lives and hers raising and caring for her. true fact
Future Family: Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski/Paul Wesley Junior (Son) and Nikolina Konstantinova Wasilewski/Nina Wesley (Daughter)
Most Prized Possession(s): Promise Ring (from Paul), Charm Bracelet (ftom Nina), Silver Heart Necklace (from Melissa), Silver Earrings (from her Grandparents), A Diary (from Torrey), A Photo of Her Friends (from Daisy), A Purse (from Danielle), An MP3 player (from Nahaniel), a baby blanket (she kept after the accident) and an anklet (from Daniel)
Occupation: High School Junior/waitress at the local diner and aspring Actress/teacher maybe even Doctor isn't completely sure yet
Secrets: 1 She has Daniel's name tattooed on her ankle but covers it up with her anklet and has a tiny heart with Paul's name tattooed on her left hip. 2 She broke up with Daniel because he switched shows and started sleeping with his costars or so she says but the real reason is because she knew both Rachel and Daisy were in love with him...and though she did truly love Daniel she couldn't say she was in love with him.
Extra: was pregnant with Daniel's baby but accidentally lost it

Birthname: Melissa Alexa Cooper
Choosen Name: Melissa Cooper
Alias: Mel Parsons
Nickname: Melis
Petname: Baby
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: April 16th
Birthplace: New York, New York (Moved to California when she was 11)
Status: Alive
Martial Status: Single
Title: Angela's best friend
Reputation: Semi S(lu)t
Clique: Cheerleader
Appearance: 5'8", 100 lbs, Wavy Dark Brown Hair and Hazel eyes
Personality: Privelleged Party Girl
Best Friends: Angela, Daisy, Nathan, Joseph, Steven, Michael Trevino, Zach and Tristin
Close Friends: Paul, Ian, Joseph, Daniel, Nina, Torrey, Danielle, Chris, Matt and Nathaniel
Other Friends: none
Frenemies: Pheobe Tonkin and Nishi Munshi
Enemies: everyone else not listed above
Love Interest: Michael Trevino
Lover: To many to count /Zach and Steven mostly)
Ex: Joseph Morgan
Rivals: Jenna Ushkowitz (Michael's ex)
Family: to busy to care/considers her friends family
Future Family: Angela Trevino (Oldest Daughter) and Daisy Trevino (Youngest daughter)
Most Prized Possession(s): Bracelet (Daisy gave her), Neckless (Angela gave her), promise ring (Michael gave her) and a teddy bear (she was going to give to Ange's unborn baby on the day it was supposed to be born)
Occupation: High School sophmore/intern at a fashion label
Secrets: was forced to have an abortion at 14
Extra: loves shopping and being with friends

Birthname: Daisy Melinda Maddox
Choosen Name: Daisy Maddox
Alias: Daisy Roerig
Nickname: Dais/Day
Petname: Beauty
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: July 5th
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Status: Alive
Martial Status: Single
Title: Class President
Reputation: Rebellious Girl
Clique: Cheerleader
Appearance: Doesn't matter what she's wearing as long a she's comfortable, 5'8, 111 lbs, hair usually straight down unless she's at practice where it's in a ponytail
Personality: She can act nice around teachers and mean around bullies. She tries to be nice
Best Friends: Angela, Melissa, Daniel Gillies, and Ian Somerhalder
Close Friends: Michael Trevino, Michael Malarkey, Chris Wood, Nathaniel Buzolic, Candice King, Leah Pipes, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan
Other Friends: Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, Matt Davis, Kat Graham, Nikki Reed, Persia White, Daniel Sharman, Andrew Lees, Claire Holt and Tristin Mays
Frenemies: Rachel Leigh Cook and Phoebe Tonkin
Enemies: everyone else not listed above
Love Interest: Daniel Gillies
Lover: Chris Wood
Ex: Ian Somerhalder
Rivals: Rachel Leigh Cook & Phoebe Tonkin
Family: considers her friends family, her dad left, her mom is In a psych ward, her grandparents are deceased and she lives with her older brother
Future Family: Veronica Angela Wood and Victoria Melissa Gillies
Most Prized Possession(s): Locket she got from her mom, book she got from Angela, Stuffed toy she got from Melissa.
Occupation: High School junior/ Does volunteer work occasionally
Secrets: She's bi-polar. Only Angela, Melissa and Ian know because she was with Ian when she was diagnosed. There was also a time where she was depressed and tried suicide though Angela and Melissa stopped her
Extra: She's Interested in being a doctor

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