Home inspection Exam 2

by: nestegg

Home inspection exam part 2

  1. 1

    Potential problems with roof sheathing is

  2. 2

    Another name for Romex is

  3. 3

    If natural gas line is changed to LP, you need:

  4. 4

    When does a built-up roof need flood coating:

  5. 5

    Gas water heaters are allowed in all of the following locations except

  6. 6

    When installing insulation in rafters, the minimum gap between the sheathing and insulation is:

  7. 7

    Flat roof is used as an observation deck. Plumbing vent must extend:

  8. 8

    APP and SBS are as follows:

  9. 9

    A new gas furnace has 2 pairs of rods running the length of the burners. They are:

  10. 10

    A statement in the report states a low slope roof appears to be in good shape for its age. this is an:

  11. 11

    What is the minimum diameter and the minimum extension above the roof line of a vent pipe to prevent frost closure (per IRC):

  12. 12

    The recommended slope for waste plumbing is typically

  13. 13

    When testing a GFCI receptacle that is not grounded, how will the receptacle respond:

  14. 14

    In new construction, the MINIMUM overhead electrical service clearance are

  15. 15

    The floor joists of a deck are attached by joist hangers. There is one nail in a joist hanger hole. What do you tell your client:

  16. 16

    What is a cricket/ saddle:

  17. 17

    A plastic goose neck pipe on the side of the house is most likely for

  18. 18

    In a heat pump heating cycle, the evaporator is:

  19. 19

    Each plumbing vent shall extend through its flashing and shall terminate vertically not less than:

  20. 20

    The major concern with EIFS siding is

  21. 21

    When did safety glass become standard in sliding glass door:

  22. 22

    A furnace has a pilot, thermocouple setup. What shuts down the burner:

  23. 23

    What determines the size of flue:

  24. 24

    How big is the fill pipe for an underground oil tank:

  25. 25

    Gas appliances require accessible gas shutoff valves on the supply piping. In which type of furnace is the shutoff valve located inside the appliance:

  26. 26

    Pools and Spas. Top of the barrier shall be at least how much above grade

  27. 27

    Which coat of stucco siding can be eliminated

  28. 28

    An inspector is required to inspect at least:

  29. 29

    A built-up roof has a 9" overlap. How many ply exists:

  30. 30

    Overhead electrical service should be a MINIMUM of how many feet above a flat roof subject to foot traffic

  31. 31

    How far off the floor does a furnace's source of ignition have to be in a garage

  32. 32

    The largest tread run within any flight of stairs should not exceed the smallest by more than

  33. 33

    A gas appliance vents through a 5 1/2 pitched roof requires a minimum clearance of

  34. 34

    You view a Type "B" vent in an attic. Insulation is falling in the open chase. What do you report:

  35. 35

    Three wires at a masthead, one tied back. What kind of service

  36. 36

    If the black wire or hot wire carries 10 amps, how much does the white or neutral wire carry:

  37. 37


  38. 38

    A deck is attached to a house with several nails. What would you tell your client:

  39. 39

    What is proper flashing for a chimney:

  40. 40

    Maximum acceptable riser height is

  41. 41

    What is the minimum allowable separation between a masonry chimney and combustible materials

  42. 42

    Maximum length of a flex gas tubing to a dryer or range is:

  43. 43

    You flush an upstairs toilet and notice a gurgle sound in the bathtub. All of the following can be causing it except:

  44. 44

    Romex wiring can used

  45. 45

    What is the proper clearance above a stovetop for a cabinet

  46. 46

    What is the proper strapping requirement for ductwork:

  47. 47

    You look into a crawl space. There is little access:

  48. 48

    Earthquake - which of the following is NOT a structural concern:

  49. 49

    Stair railing must be

  50. 50

    Glass block is considered:

  51. 51

    When inspecting an A/C unit, you find supply air to be 64 degrees and return air to be 90 degrees, what would you report:

  52. 52

    What safety device was added to furnaces after 1980?

  53. 53

    How would you report excessive granule loss and curling of a 5 year old asphalt shingle:

  54. 54

    Rot/mildew/fungus/can begin in moisture levels of

  55. 55

    Evaporative Cooler:

  56. 56

    A statement in a report reads 'Foundation improperly designed for these soil conditions is:

  57. 57

    When weight is applied on the top of a floor joist, what kind of pressure is applied to the bottom:

  58. 58

    A fireplace with an opening over 6' needs to have the hearth extend __" to front and __" to side:

  59. 59

    What does an A/C compressor do

  60. 60

    What is the name of the tool to hold stucco material when applying:

  61. 61

    What is the minimum bearing for a wood joist on a masonry wall:

  62. 62

    How do you determine if a shower door has safety glazing:

  63. 63

    All of the following are considered defects on a garage door opener except

  64. 64

    The deeper the foundation, the more pressure is exerted on it. Concrete walls need to be:

  65. 65

    A fireplace with an opening less than 6' needs to have the hearth extend __" to front and __" to side:

  66. 66

    The two main components of an air cooled air conditioning system are:

  67. 67

    Where will you find a drip leg on a gas heating unit

  68. 68

    Concrete walls need to be:

  69. 69

    What year did code change for a fire rated garage service door:

  70. 70

    All receptacles must be GFCI protected within _____ of a pool

  71. 71

    Cross bridging on floor joists:

  72. 72

    FRT plywood failure is due to

  73. 73

    Temperature/pressure relief vavles are typically rated at

  74. 74

    Visualize a basement stairway with one side against the wall. What is not a safety hazard

  75. 75

    The three major components of a fossil fueled forced air furnace are:

  76. 76

    A 50yr old, forced-air heating system has been retrofitted with an evap coil as part of a split-system air conditioner. the ducts are original steel with 4" branch ducts insulated with asbestos paper.

  77. 77

    Capillary tubes are part of the

  78. 78

    Metal chimney cap function does not include:

  79. 79

    What is the clearance to combustibles for a single wall furnace vent:

  80. 80

    In a typical heat pump operation in heat mode, the temperature differential at the inside coil (condenser) should be about:

  81. 81

    One of the purposes of a home inspection contract is to define the responsibilities and limitations for

  82. 82

    Water hammer can occur as a result of

  83. 83

    The area of coverage of a single sprinkler shall not exceed

  84. 84

    In a conventional heat pump, the most critical component is the:

  85. 85

    A house that you are inspecting has an unlit pilot. What is your requirement as an inspector

  86. 86

    Which of the following does not require a dedicated circuit:

  87. 87

    Gas water heaters are allowed in all of the following locations except

  88. 88

    Low pressure boiler pipes do NOT carry steam pressure above

  89. 89

    An engineered floor joist requires squash blocks

  90. 90

    Wood shakes are most likely to wear and expose felt paper at:

  91. 91

    Rot/ mildew/ fungus can begin in moisture levels of:

  92. 92

    Refrigerant changes from high temp, high-pressure liquid to low temp, lo-pressure liquid after going through the

  93. 93

    A newly built ventilated crawl space with a vapor retarder is REQUIRED to have one square foot of net ventilation opening per

  94. 94

    EIFS siding is

  95. 95

    There are cuts in the roof truss' bottom chords to make room for a drop-down stairs. What would you report:

  96. 96

    Function of a fan / limit switch is to:

  97. 97

    What is the sign of a cracked heat exchanger:

  98. 98

    A/C unit has a 3-ton capacity. What is the BTU:

  99. 99

    Plumbing vents must be as follows

  100. 100

    A furnace has a pilot/ thermocouple setup. What is the safety feature that shuts down the furnace

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