A Teen Wolf Love Story

A Teen Wolf Love Story

This is Originally Fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves, sorry if it sucks and thank you so much for your time


Chapter 1


Characters Daisy and Melissa can edit their characters if they think it's necessary, I'm just trying my best to please everyone

My Character
Name: Ally Carver
Nickname: Ali
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Best Friends: Aiden, Allison, Brooke, Ethan, Isaac and Isobella
Close Friends: Danny, Jackson, Lydia, and Scott
Other Friends: Braeden, Cora, Derek, Erica, Kira, and Malia
Frenemies: none
Love Interest: Isaac Layhey
Crush: Jackson Whittemore
Enemies: everyone else
Family: Aiden and Ethan (Older Twin Brothers)

Daisy's character
Name: Brooke Reyes
Nickname: B
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Best Friends: Ally, Braeden, Erica and Isobella
Close Friends: Aiden, Allison, Cora, Derek, Ethan and Lydia
Other Friends: Danny, Jackson, Kira, Malia, Scott and Stilies
Frenemies: none
Love Interest: Derek Hale
Crush: Aiden Carver
Enemies: Everyone else
Family: Erica Reyes (Deceased Older Sister)

Melissa's Character
Name: Isobella Lahey
Nickname: Bella/Bell
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Best Friends: Ally, Brooke, Isaac and Scott
Close Friends: Aiden, Danny, Ethan, Jackson, Lydia, Malia and Stiles
Other Friends: Allison, Braeden, Cora, Derek, Erica and Jackson
Frenemy: Kira
Love Interest: Aiden Carver
Crush: Scott McCall
Enemies: everyone else
Family: Isaac Lahey (Older Brother)

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