Wide Awake

I saw a prompt on tumblr where Person A and Person B are close/in love with each other though they can both think of a hundred reasons why they shouldn't be together.

Enjoy. Rude comments will be deleted. Friends can join me if Interested.

P.s this'll be different than my usual stories as I've recently began rewatching Teen Wolf to lread up to the premiere at the end of the month so Elijah married Hayley and Daisy married Derek.

Chapter 1

My Character

Birth Name: Clarke Saetre Parker
Chosen Name: Clarke Parker
Nicknames: Clare, T.
Petnames: Darling
Species: Heretic.
Inner Circle: Tatia Mikaelson and Merissa Salvatore.
Best Female Friend: Hope Mikaelson.
Best Male Friend: Ian Salvatore
Close Female Friends: Raven and Octavia Mikaelson.
Close Male Friends: Nathaniel Mikaelson and Christopher Parker.
Other Female Friends: Lizzie, Josie, Nikolina, and Angela Lockwood.
Other Male Friends: Wyatt Hale, Jackson and Joseph Kenner, and Stefan Salvatore Junior.
Frenemies: Santana Parker. Danielle Mikaelson. Brianne and Luke Forbes. Ally Salvatore. Riley Mikaelson. Lorenzo St John Jr. Tommy Lahey.
Enemies: Anyone who hurts her family.
Family: Daisy Saetre Hale (Mother), Derek Hale (Stepfather), Kai Parker (Father), Christopher Parker (Older half brother), Raven Saetre Mikaelson (Younger half sister), Octavia Saetre Mikaelson (Younger half sister), Wyatt Hale (Younger half brother), Santana Parker (Youngest half sister)
Honorary Family: Klaus Mikaelson (Godfather), Camille O'Connell (Godmother), Elijah Mikaelson (She saw him as a father figure for a while)
Love Interest: Nathaniel Daniel Mikaelson
Lover: Ian Salvatore
Crush: None.
Titles: Little Sociopath (From Damon)
Extra: None.

How everyone is related:
Kai's kids: Christohpher, Clarke and Santana are all half siblings.
Christopher's only siblings as Clarke and Santana.
Clarke's siblings are Wyatt, Chris, Santana, Raven and Octavia.
Santana's siblings are Chris, Clarke, Tatia, Ally, and Stefan Jr.

Josie and Lizzie are the cousins of Clarke, Chris and Santana.

Tatia, Hope, Raven, Octavia, Ally, Stefan Jr, Riley, Nathaniel, and Danielle are all cousins/siblings.

Merissa is Melissa and Damon's child while as Ian and Nikolina are Damon and Elena's twins.

Merissa's siblings are Angela, Jackson and Joseph.

Merissa, Ian and Nikolina are the cousins of Ally and Stefan Jr via Stefan/Damon.

Brianne and Luke Forbes' are the half siblings of Jackson, Joseph and Angela and the cousins of Lizzie and Josie.

Clarke Parker/Nathaniel Mikaelson
Tatia Mikaelson/Christopher Parker
Merissa Kenner/Luke Lockwood
Angela Lockwood/Stefan Salvatore Jr.
Ally Salvatore/Josie Saltzman
Nikolina Salvatore/Joseph Lockwood.
Hope Mikaelson/Jackson Lockwood.
Lizzie Saltzman/Wyatt Hale
Raven Mikaelson/Ian Salvatore
Santana Parker/Lorenzo Jr.
Riley Mikaelson/Tommy Lahey
Brianne Lockwood/Octavia Mikaelson.

Adult couples:
Angela/Kai + Angela/Stefan

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