City of Angels

City of Angels

something I wanted to try a long time ago and just never had the chance to post

rude comments will be deleted

My friends can join me if interested but apparently this story isn't good enough for Daisy

Chapter 1

My Character

My Character Name: Danielle Claire Mikaelson
Nickname: Dani
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: January 30th
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Species: Immortal Heretic (Original Vampire/Ancestral Harvest Witch) immortal means she can not die
Appearance: A very beautiful and gorgeous young woman in her late teens, 5'6", slim and petite, lightly tanned skin, long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, full lips and rosy cheeks (like her Mother only slightly taller)
Personality: kind, intelligent, polite, friendly, loyal, caring, care free and independent
Reputation: protective of the ones she loves
Best Friend: Nathaniel Daniel Mikaelson
Love Interest: Daniel Lahey
Family: Kol Mikaelson (Father), Davina Claire (Mother), Nathaniel Daniel Mikaelson (Older Twin Brother)
Honorary Family: None
Future Family: Daniel Lahey (Husband), Mikaelson Lahey (Son) and Claire Lahey (Daughter)

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