A Severus Snape Love Story

So a while ago my friend asked if you wanted to read A SEVERUS SNAPE LOVE STORY if she were to write it. Well those of you that answered yes, have probably been searching for one ever since. I know I have been, so here you go.

(sorry if it's not the best, it is one of the only things I've even written that I've let others read)

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Chapter 1

The Sorting

"Samantha Quinn!?!" yelled a voice from the front of the room.
Samantha. I hated that name. It was torture to me being named Samantha. I just sounded so... girly!
I proceeded to the front of the room anyway, standing in front of hundreds-if not thousands- of people, all of whom I did not know. There was one table behind me, with about twenty people all on the same side.
Teachers, I thought to myself.
Four tables in front of me, neatly marked at the end closest to the front for the sake of the first years. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Everyone had told me that Gryffindor was by far the best. They were definitely the loudest... They were so happy. It disturbed me, as I was always the quietest and most internal person I knew. The others called me a sure Hufflepuff, but I knew that was bad. I had come from a half blood family, with one sister, a third year here at Hogwarts. She was a Ravenclaw, smart, but a little crazy. her name was Amanda, and I absolutely hated her. Anyway, I was shown a tiny little stool and told to sit on it. Although I found the mere idea appalling, I did so anyway. Then an old woman, and I don't use the term "old" lightly, stuck a dirty, patched up, brown hat, tearing at the seam, on my head. I was disgusted, and though the thing almost came down over my eyes, I could see Amanda looking at her friends whispering, "That's my sister right there! She'll definitely be a Ravenclaw!"
The hat the descended over my eyes, seeing as it was rather large. After a brief mental discussion involving the thing calling me quiet and antisocial, but nonetheless intelligent, and saying that I was destined for greatness, and not of the good sorts either, it yelled to the whole room, and quite possibly the whole castle, "SLYTHERIN!!!!!!"
The far table began clapping wildly, while Amanda sat and looked positively horrified. The rest of the room clapped politely and sat rather quietly as I passed by them to sit two spots away from a fifth year, who promptly introduced himself.
"Lucius," he proclaimed, "Lucius Malfoy."
"Samantha Quinn," I replied, "But please, call me Sam."
I was looking up at the ceiling- it was really interesting, seeing as it was enchanted to look like the sky- when I heard a name that I found rather interesting.
"Severus Snape!?!"
A short pause and then a loud, "SLYTHERIN!!!!"
The most recent one since I'd been called.
He came and sat at one of the few seats left at our table, and Lucius proceeded to introduce himself. He then turned to me.
"You're a first year aren't you?"
"Yes," I replied shortly, "Sam Quinn. Technically, Samantha, but who really cares for technicalities?"
"Clearly, if I do, I shouldn't."
That's what got me interested. I was vaguely there before, but he really pulled me in right there. We were only eleven, but he really.... understood me.
I laughed. I had no other response left at the moment, so that was my fall-back.
Then my saving grace. A voice being cleared loudly at the front of the room. I had never appreciated authority so much as I did right then.
"Professor Dippet," Lucius whispered, "The Headmaster."
He gave the reminders that the Forbidden Forest is, as always, off limits, and to be careful and blah blah blah.
He then proclaimed that we may eat.
"But there's no foo- never mind." It had just appeared. Like magic.... Oh. That was all the explanation I needed, it was a school for witchcraft and wizardry after all.


After the feast, dessert, and much speaking among the students and teachers, Professor Dippet seemed to suddenly notice the time.
"Oh my, it's late," he announced, "You all best be off to bed. Prefects, lead the first years to their dormitories!"

After much walking down the steps, and quite a lot of laughing at the Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws that had to walk upstairs, we made it to our dorms, and we were all so tired, and excited that we immediately fell asleep.

-------This is where I shall leave you, tell me what you think!--------

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