New Years Suck

New Years Suck

My New Year Party that i went to sucked, and i got insperation to write, so TA DA!!!

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Chapter 1

The (Imanginary) Party

"3, 2 ,1, Happy New Year!" all the party goers yelled.
'Just Great' she thought, I've just spent the last 3 hours sitting on a sofa, doing nothing.
While the party was going on, not much happened, a few guys gave her pity flirts, but nothing worth losing too much breath over. Even her more "socially awkward" friend, Kelly, got in a cheap dance. So as they were leaving I said, "Bridget, that SUCKED,"
"It wasn't that bad Ariel,"
"That's because you were making out with Brandon the whole time!"
"Ladies, calm down," said Kelly.
Then they walked to teh parking lot to find Bridget's red, snow-covered car. They all got in the car and Bridget was starting to drive them all to her house for the night.
As Bridget was driving all she could think about was Brandon, and she gladly voiced her thoughts, "Ariel, you really need to get a boyfriend, they are so amazing. For example, Brandon is just the best kisser, and..." Ariel cut her off.
"Nope, New year's resolution, Stay Single, and how come you never bug Kelly about this stuff, she's single too?"
"That's because Kelly actually likes someone. Ariel - how do I put this nicely- Heartless?"
"Bridget! That's mean! She's not heartless, it's just.... a little cold in there," said Kelly.
"Exactly, now she just needs some guy to warm it up," said Bridget.
"I don't need a guy, and of course its gonna be cold, I keep it in the freezer,"
"Well then -- it needs to get out."
There was a long silence for the rest of the car ride home.
They rolled into the driveway and walked into her house.
"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm tired; good night," said Ariel.
"How can you be tired, I mean seriously, you took a nap at the party?" said Bridget.
"You know Bridget, I don't know. After all, you should be the tired one, making out all night..."
"Fine sleep."

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