The Lost Tribe: Aztec Princess

An ancient palace in an ancient city, the baby Aztec Princess, Tika-Lela, is kidnapped by her fathers brother, Toto-Ra.
16 years without their beloved daughter, Emporer Lou-Ra & his wife, Morra-Lela, keep their wish alive by rowing into the middle of the lake & sing of her return, hope she will return.
Tika-Lela, curios & beautiful, lives with her "father" & "mother" in a far away kingdom. As far away as it is, the songs still reach her. Calling!

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Chapter 1

Prologue: Lost Princess

"Tika-Lela, Princess of the Aztec city of Lo-Ra-Pach, will be you" Emporer Lou-Ra said, with a pleased smile.
"She will be a beautiful & wise princess" Emporess Morra-Lela whispered. "The Gods have blessed us & you, my baby."

The baby , though she was newborn, knew this was true & going to be. Her father & mother announced her birth to the people of Lo-Ra-Pach, & they cheered. The only one that didn't cheer, was Toto-Ra, Lou-Ra's evil brother. He sneered & stomped off, in a flurry of his black cloak.

That night, her mother sang a lullaby. The baby cooed & slowly drifted off to sleep, listening intently to the song:

"Little baby, small & bright, give the world your big,warm light.
With eyes like stars & a smile like a sun, you'll grow up, while having fun.
Now, sleep, little baby, have good dreams, though we seem apart, we are closer than it seems.
With my song as a guide, & with a strong tide,
We'll be together...forever"

As the kingdom slept, a cloaked figure scaled the walls & hopped the rails. He crossed the room to were the baby lay, sleeping. He smiled crookedly & lifted her up. She whimpered, then screamed. The royal couple shot up, only to see the figure jump out the window, their daughter in his arms.

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