With You: A Michael Jackson Love Story

With You: A Michael Jackson Love Story

Heyyy everybody. I hope you guys like this story, I worked so hard on it! Comment and Rate!!! :)

Chapter 1


Name: Jourdynn "Jaimy" Chambers Age: 27 and a half, turn 28 Aug. 29th. Style: M.J. T-shirts, shorts, capris, necklaces, and blazers. I only wear earrings when neccessary. Hair style: Pressed, all the way down to my back, crinkled. I'm Really nice but if you mess with me or the people I love I'll hurt you. I was abused by my parents all my life so I ran away at 15. I live in Holmby Hills, in the house between Michael Jackson and some weird couple. Here's the story: June 25th, 12:26 pm. "Move!" I said and took Michael off the bed and onto the floor. His chef came and asked me for help. I began CPR on him and after 25 minutes, he was breathing. The paramedics came and took him on a stretcher. I went inside the ambulance wth them. "Is he okay?" I asked looking at him in a very worried way. "Yes, you revived him just in time." The paramedic said and smiled at me. Michael opened his eyes and looked straight at me. "Hi" I said, smiling at him. He gave me a small smile and closed his eyes again. Whe we got inside the hospital, I waited by his bed wile the rest of his family came. Katherine, Prince, Paris, and Blanket came in and rushed straight to Michael's bed. Katherine was just looking at me. "Thank You so much" she said and hugged me. "No problem, I'll save anybody" A nurse came in and said, "You should look out the window of the balcony" to me. I went up to the balcony and there were the fans, screaming my name. "JOURDYNN, WE LOVE YOU!!!" I smiled and went back to Michael's bed. "Thanks for saving my daddy" Paris said with a smile so bright I just had to laugh. "Oh, sweetheart, you guys are welcome." I heard a moan come from Michael's direction and saw him open his eyes. "DADDY!" Paris said and hugged him. Prince and Blanket did the same, and Katherine held his hand. "I think I'll leave you two in here alone" she said and escorted the kids out of the room. I looked at Michael and said "Are you okay?" I said. "Yeah, thanks alot, I don't know what I would've done" "Oh, I don't know what the fans would've done either" I said. "I was stuck in the arm with a big needle" Michael said to me. "What?" I asked very surprised. "Yeah, Dr. Conrad Murray, he was my kids personal doctor. He stuck me with some needle with this white stuff in it" "Propofol" I said, very quietly. "That man was trying to kill you" I looked at him and said, "I'll be right back" but before I walked out he said, "When I get out of here, do you want to go on a date with me?" "Yes, I would love to" I said, laughing and I walked out the door. When I got back to Michael's house I caught the doctor trying to leave. I cornered him and took him out of his car and punched him 3 times in the face. "Why the hell did you try to kill that man!" I said pushing him up against the car. "What are you talking about!" he said scared. "He told me everything, B***! Now, when should I beat your a* for real? Now or Later?" "Never" the doctor said, trying to be funny. "Wrong answer, stupid a**!" I said and punched him a good one last time, knocking him out cold. I got back in my car and drove back to the hospital.


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