So basicly I'm starting Twilight over but this time Bella ends up with Carlisle.

The first few chapters maybe kinda boring because nothing's really happening yet. But please keep reading once stuff starts happening it will be more fun to read. I promiss. :)

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Chapter 1

First Day

My first day in Forks. Oh boy, what fun. Not really, I have been here one night and already hate it. It's always cloudy, and it's a very small town. One of those everybody-knows-everybody towns. Oh well, I had the chance to not move here but I blew it. So I'm not going to blame anyone but myself. So, I'm going to have to just get this first day over with. I sighed and got out of bed. I through on some random T-shirt along with some random jeens and went downstaris. I grabbed a granola bar on the way out. I arrived at school very early. No one else was here yet. I sighed. Great.
When people finaly started to arrive, I decided maybe I should go to the office now to get my schedule. The inside was warm and cozy. The lady at the desk looked up. "How can I help you?" she asked. "I'm Isabella Swan, I'm new here." she nodded. "Hello, Isabella, here's your schedule and would you like a map to help you find your way?" I nodded. "Okay."
When I got back to my truck, a really short girl with short spikey hair came up to me. "Hi, I'm Alice." she said. I turned and faced her. "Hi."
"You must be Isabella Swan, the new girl."
"Just Bella." she nodded. "Nice to meet you, just Bella." she smiled at her little joke. I smiled back. "You too." then the bell rang. "I guess we better go to class now. Need help finding anything?" I shook my head. "No, I'm good."
"K. See at lunch maybe." then she walked away.
Later at lunch, I couldn't find Alice, so I sat at a random table. "Well, Hello there." said a boy with dirty blonde hair. "Oh, hi." I smiled. "I'm Mike Newton. This is Jessica, and that's Angela." he pointed at two girls that were waving. One had dark hair and she was smiling and talking alot. The other one had glasses and had her light brown hair in a poney tail. I waved back. "So how's your first day going?" asked Mike. I shrugged. "Eh. Normal. How about your day?" He smiled and said, "Well, wonderful since you arrived." My smile got a little widder. I saw Jessica look a bit uncomfortable when he said that, but then she recovered. Maybe she liked him. Then Alice walked into the cafiteria. "Looks like the Cullens are here." Jessica said as Alice walked over here and sat down. "Hey Bella." she greeted me. Everyone stared at her like they've seen a ghost. "What?" I wondered. No one answered. I waved my hand infront of Mike's eyes. "Um, Mike?" I said, worried. "They are probably just in shock because I never sit here." she informed me. "Well thats dumb." I murmered. Then the bell rang. I hurried out of my seat and left.

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