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these are some stories that i have found to be really scary or funny! comment their scare or funny factor from 1-10. 1 boring 10 the best. enjoy!

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Chapter 1

The Baseball Brothers

there once was these two twin brothers named Johnny and Joshua. Johnny was pitcher and Joshua was the secondbaseman.
Well years later once both the boys were no longer able to play baseball they were sitting on the couch watching baseball.
"Hey Johnny, do you think they play baseball in heaven?" Joshua asked
"i dont know. Hey how about the first one to die comes back and tells the other if there is baseball in heaven." Johnny replied.
"yeah!" Joshua exclaimed.

well it was Joshua that died first. Johnny waited and waited then one day Joshua was sitting in Johnnys living room.
"Do they play baseball in heaven?" Johnny asked.
"i have good news and bad news. the good news is they do play baseball in heaven. we are pretty good, too." Joshua said.
"Whats the bad news?" Johnny asked.
"Your scheduled to pitch tomorrow."

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