Your Funny Hunger Games Destiny!

Just use the phrase corresponding to the personal detail that applies to you! It'll be funny! Post your results in the comments!!! Thanks!

Chapter 1

Pick Truthfully!

Jan: I fell in love with
Feb: I killed
Mar: I started a rebellion against
Apr: I designed a dress for
May: I ran un-clothed through Panem with
Jun: I lay in a bed with
Jul: I fed cat food to
Aug: I ran away to District 12 with
Sep: I got married to
Oct: I was killed by
Nov: I volunteered in the Hunger Games for
Dec: I sacrificed myself for

(YOUR BIRTHDAY, e.g. the 15 would be Peeta)
1-4: Cato
5-8: Clove
9-13: Katniss
14-17: Peeta
18-20: President Snow
21-23: Gale
24-26: Finnick
27-29: Buttercup
30-31: Johanna Mason

A-D: because I'm not just another piece in the Games.
E-G: because I am sexy and I know it.
H-K: because I love Prim
L-N: because I'm AWESOME.
O-Q: because I'm the Mockingjay
R-T: because I'm stupid.
U-W: because Thresh made me.
X,Y,Z: coz I was hungry.

So, mine is: I lay in a bed with Johanna Mason because I'm sexy and I know it.
What's yours?!?!?

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