AAGH!! My science teacher is out to get me! Why, you ask? Then read on!

Look down.

Chapter 1

by: abaddon
OK, so today my science teacher threw a ball at my head. It's because we're learning about stimuli and responses, but don't ask me how that ties in to throwing a tennis ball at kids. Then, she yelled at me for wearing fake glasses (which, by the way, are totally awesome!) and a bunch of girls wear them, and they don't get yelled at, she yelled at me for writing in red ink, when there's a girl who only writes in red ink, and she doesn't get in trouble. Oh, and when I cracked a dumb joke that wasn't offensive at all, I get yelled at yet again. But when these two boys crack very offensive jokes, with the teacher being the butt, she laughs along. I asked her why she was picking on me, and guess what I got! If you said detention, then you're correct! I swear to you, this woman is out to get me!

I hate her with a fiery burning passion! >:(


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Created by abaddon

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