What guy from Mindless Behavior is your boyfriend?

What guy from Mindless Behavior is your boyfriend?

by: PrettyGang

Imma be honest i HATE personality quizzes that just asks you what you know about the person, especially the "Could You Date Justin Bieber" quizzes. Like maybe it's just me but i wouldn't want to date anyone who knows how much i weighed when i was born, what time, and what exact day... That's frikkin creepy. So here's a legitimate quiz! So is it Ray Ray, Princeton, Roc Royal, or Prodigy?

  1. 1)

    You meet your MB guy on 106&Park and they say you can ask him three questions what would they be?

  2. 2)

    You go on a date with your favorite MB guy and it's at the beach alone. What's your first instinct?

  3. 3)

    new role play MB comes to your house, what do you do?

  4. 4)

    MB asks you how you fell in love with them. You say?

  5. 5)

    Perfect first date?

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