Stranger Times

Stranger Times

The time my nightmare became reality.....I'm Anne Bates and this is all about when I dreamnt something that came true.
Some facts about me:
Nickname: Annie
Hair: Long Blonde Hair
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Best Friends: Rachel, and Laura (We're Inseperable)
Family: My mum, dad, and little sister, Kayla.
Personality: Funny, adventurous, a little crazy, happy, outgoing.

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Chapter 1

My Nightmare

The music was slow, and as smooth as silk. I look up to see my dancing partner smiling down at me, his black mask seemed to make him even more handsome. His curly black hair, still in eyes no matter how much you move it to the side, and his unnaturaly, bright gold eyes focused on only me, which makes me blush uncontrollably. "Did I tell you, that you look absolutely gorgeous tonight?" "Yes, this is the hundredth time you've said it," I giggle. He looks away, a flush rising to his cheeks. "You just make me forget I said it when I look at you." I blush beat red and look out the window at the starry night sky. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a sleek figure in a tux with pointy fangs and glowing red eyes. I blink and it's gone, shuddering as a cool breeze blows by me, and gooseflesh rises on my bare arms. "Cold?" I look at the boy and shake my head. "Just a draft." All of a sudden, I hear an ear-piercing scream echo through the mansion, followed by several more. I look wildly around, searching for the problem that is causing the screams, when I see him again. The creepy man with red eyes and teeth as sharp as knives. He grins at me and I look around to see if anyone else can see him, when I look back, he is gone once more. I decide to ask my partner about it, but when I look pack at my dance partner, I see the man standing behind him. "Look behind-" But my warning is cut-off because the man grabs him. I shriek as I see my once innocent dance partner, punch the man, straight in the nose. The man howels in pain and lets go of him. I step away from the fight, but bump into someone, who grabs my shoulders as if to steady me, but he doesn't let go when you try to move. His hand comes to your face, and he puts a funny-smelling cloth over my mouth and nose, I try to scream, but it turns into a muffled buzz. The last thing I see is the once beautiful ballroom covered in blood, and the man's fangs extending as he leaped for a big, black wolf.......

(Sorry that is so short, but I'm trying to make it realistic, and this part is actually her dream.)

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