My Deep dark Diary

My Deep dark Diary

My life and what i am and how i came to be what i am.

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Chapter 1

The lilttle things

by: Lowlo
It started when I was born. My dad was no where to be fount he was with another woman. My mom and dad stayed in a uncommitted relationship for 7 more months after my birth. The day or two after I turned 7 months old my dad and mom divorced .
When I grew up i was raised by my dad because my mom went to work to pay for me and my older sister who was 7. So as my dad raised me I started to call him mom and not dad i got attached to him unlike my mom. When i was little and i stayed with my dad more than my mom we lived in a trailer and it was brown. That was the first and only place i ever called home.
Even though i was younger than1 or 2 when i lived there i remember things like my dad always watching out for his kids and him babying me and my sister.
When i turned 1 my mom met my step father. He was younger than her by 2 years. He seemed like a decent man a little fat but hey none of us are perfect.
So he and my mom built a house together and my mom got a new job him the same job as her and we moved in.
When I was little i remember not like my step father i hated him. When me and my sister would bathe witch we did together seeing how i was still young he would come in the bathroom and watch us i always hatted that man.
After i turned 3 my little sister was born being premature she was babied and me and my older sister forgotten seeing how my step father would never care for us as he does with his own children. It was one night when i was young on my 4th birthday party did i understand why i hated to be around him why i couldn't stand him. We had just remolded the house and we now had a garage and that's where my birthday party was at. I wasn't feeling to well so the party ended early. I remember going into the house in my mom's arms and being put in my crib i remember seeing my mom smile at me before going into her room, I fell asleep but awoke when i heard something break and i heard yelling and cussing.
The year continued with my step father and my mother getting in arguments and i grew use to it still haunted by it but use to it.

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Created by Lowlo

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