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Chapter 1

Tributes of the Crism Castle

by: xxKaycixx
"The one in the back." Says Fiona. I new I'd get picked for the Crism castle because I wore my mothers dress. The beautiful red one. My brown hair was put up. "No, Diana, you don't want to do this!" Says my sister who has had her chance in the crism castle before. She is weird though, she told me i'd become possesed and do dumb things in that castle, but i don't beleive a damn word from her mouth."I do as I please, Alicia."I walkd up to center stagee and they all clapped , except for Alicia. I was escorted into the crism colored doors and my jaws dropped. The castle was all crism, no wonder it was called the crism castle. I went up into the room that would be mine and I heard everyone leave. I had the house all to my self, until the unspeakable happend. Everything turned to red glass, a bloody color. I turned from happy to scared the moment i set foot into the castle. Every touch would send a glass object to the ground shattering as if a burgler had broken in and bust the patio doors. I started to cry. But it wasnt tears. It was blood, my eyes poured blood. I was crying blood! Pure, red, liquid blood. Something slung me to the floor and I felt as lifeless as a log. My hair fell down and cascaded down to my back. Then as the blood fell more, my make up smeared. Then the bow, and sash on my dress fell off. Then something slung me again and the glass shattered again. I found myself knocked out. I nwas drifted into a deep sleep. I had a dream, I bright dream. I was in a yellow dress, running across a feild of green grass and my hat fell off and flew in the air. I followed into a long wat. I ended up in a beautiful waterfall. Then the dream drifted into a nightmare. I was pushed under the water by one of the Crism castle tributes, Lily.

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