Please read!

Chapter 1

Sorry! Please!

So, I have had a busy past two weeks. Last week, we had a few projects due, and a few tests. This week we had state tests!

Sorry! I've been trying to write as much as possible and get on as much as possible, but it's been hard with my schedule. (Plus the boy drama)

Anyway, that was the sorry part of the chapter title above. Here's the please part...

For general music, we're doing reports on singers.

I asked my teacher if I could do a person from a band, instead of an entire band. She said yes, as long as I could find enough information.

So here's the please.

I'm doing Niall Horan. If anyone has some not well known or even well known things about him I'd like you to message me or comment.

I know you're probably like, why should I help you, it's supposed to be written by you, not us.

I know that, I have to re-word everything, but I only have like 10 days, and there's A LOT more than just the report. Plus I'm the first one going so I want to make a good impression.





Thanks for reading!

Byeeeeee! :)

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