Living Magic(A Hogwarts Group Story)

Living Magic(A Hogwarts Group Story)

here is another Hogwarts Group Story!

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Chapter 1


my character (Volleyballgirl527's)

name: Rose Amberry
year: 6
light, dark, or neutral: light
house: gryffindor
friends: any gryffindor (but Angelina,) Roxie, Jada, Chealse
love interest: George Weasley
looks: curly brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, short, fit, has glasses sometimes
personality: smart, kind, stubborn, sometimes brave, can be shy, can be geeky, funny
blood: half
other: she plays quidditch, chaser, her dad was a half blood, mom was pure, they are both dead for denying Voldemort, had a twin brother who died in birth. Lives at the burrow.

Harry_Potter_goes_rawr's character

name: Roxie Hughes
year: 6
light, dark, or neutral: neutral
house: Slytherin
friends: Rose, Fred, George
love interest: Fred
looks: pale skin, black hair to middle of back with dark brown highlight. Has freckles and brown eyes, short
blood: pure
other: Lives with her Aunt Mary because her parents lost custody of her because of abuse. Thats the only reason why she jokes. She never wants to bring up or remember that. Shes only in Slytherin becuz she wanted to be like her parents who were there.

Pinkdinke's character

name: Jada Klaus
year: 5
light, dark, or neutral: light
house: Ravenclaw
friends: any gryffindor,and slytherin,
love interest: Draco Malfoy
looks: curly black/long hair, green eyes, tan skin, 5'5, dark purple highlights
personality: funny, kind, sarcastic,wise-guy,brave, sometimes shy,goofy,smart, prankster
blood: muggleborn
other: an metamorphmagi, favorite animal: dove, LOVES PURPLE,a singer,best-friends with the twins and oliver wood

HermioneGrangerWatson's character

Name: Chelsea Davenport
Age: 12
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 2nd
Personality: Sweet, nice, Hufflepuffish.
Appearance: long brown hair, green eyes
Secrets: Has ADHD
Talents: Is good at persuading and charming people
love interest: Ron

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