What comes to mind when you see?...

Random repost, redo if you like. :)

Chapter 1


Yellow: Daffodils

Blue: Ocean

Music: Rammstein!

Quibblo: Awesome :)

School: Time consuming

Table: Pool table

Plaid: PunK and cool

Swag: Drugs

Hunger Games: Katniss and Rue

Spoons: soup

Forks: Angry Mob!

Dogs: cool and cute

Cats: cute

Annoying: hearing the same song over and over.

Letters: Pin Pals

Phone: Talking

iPod: Music

Happy: being with my man

Harry Potter: Harry Potter himself

Top friends: Epically aweosme people :D

Food: Chips

Potato: French Fries

Bricks: Wall

Pink: My shirt
Wood: Lumber

Rocks: Mountain

Done: The repost, finally!
Unrelated: who did you copy and paste this from? EpicFluffyBunnies


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