the scary clown toy stories

the scary clown toy stories

this is a story that one of my friends told me

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Chapter 1

clown toy that came alive

by: sasunaru
once theres was this girl she had a clown toy that her grandma gave to her but she nver played with it and left it in the basement of her house.when they were going to move she found the toy sitting there so she picked it up and thew it away and went back in the house then she heard noices outside by the trash can.she went there to find the clown toy gone.she went back in the house to find her dead family with writing on the wall in there blood that said WHY DONT YOU PLAY WITH ME ANYMORE then she ran outside to find the clown with a knife in saying WHY DONT YOU PLAY WITH ME ANYMORE over and over till the doll got to her and killed her whe police came to find the family dead and the doll no where to be found

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