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*There is a chance you will pass out because you can't breathe from laughing so hard while reading this!*

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Chapter 1

Why I Hate Docks

So, this happened a few weeks ago, after the last day of school. In celebration of my siblings and I ALL getting Straight A's, our parents took us out to dinner to our favorite restaurant. (It is soo cool. This place literally has every food you can think of, and it's an all-you-can-eat, so you can keep going back for more. You just need to pay when you go $10 per person. And, you can eat indoors or outdoors there, and it's on the bay.) Anyway, it was a really nice evening, so we decided to eat outside. Mom offered to get the food for me and my siblings, so we told her what we wanted and went on the dock to wait. Okay, so we're on the dock, and my sister Carly says something about a stupid Trainer in her Pokemon game. Then she imitated his reaction to losing their battle, and it was SO FUNNY. I was laughing so hard that I fell off the dock! I was alright and everything, so I laughed at my little klutz-y self, and I was almost dying. I turned purple, and then when I tried to calm down and swim back to the dock, I got an itch on my shoulder, so I scratched it (still laughing, by the way) but when I laugh, I get...weak. And somehow my top came down a little. Then, just my luck, a boat with a gazillion people rode by, and THEY WERE ALL STARING AT ME.

Hilarious now, and I guess it was at the time, too. But now I hate docks. XD

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