To be or not to be isn't the question it's Criss or Richter? (Starkid Love Story)

Hey guys, I love starkid and I had a brain wave for a story. I'll try an update as much as possible but if you read any of my other stories you know how I can take a while to upload a new chapter. Anyway please comment if you like it and remember it may not be true but I am the author so basically my word is law where this story is concerned.
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A Brian Holden love story I know cheesy but hey cut me some slack this is Quibblo!

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Chapter 1

Back to witches and actually just back to my brother.

This was it. No turning back now.
Once I walked through customs I accepted that mum was gone and my life was here with my brother Brian.
Ever since our mum and dad split when I was 7 I've seen less of my brother than I would have liked. He stayed in America with my Dad when I went with my mum to live in Nottingham in England. We go to England and we don't even stay in a well know place. I mean Nottingham? Apart from Robin Hood what else is it known for?
Every summer either I would fly over to America to stay with Brian and my dad or Brian would come over and stay with me and mum. Whichever way around it was, I always felt happier when Brian was around. When our Dad passed away a couple of years ago he was the one who helped me move on and remember how to laugh. I always knew he would somehow find a way to make his immaturity a carreer.
Starkid wasn't that big in Britain but I still watch all the videos, it helped me feel closer to family. But the circumstances we were meeting in now weren't ideal.
My mum died in a car crash about a month ago. Downer or what? The problem I had was that I had no family relatives left apart from Brian. It took a couple of weeks but we got all the papers signed so that he is my guardian until I'm 18 (in just under a year). It was sad leaving all my friends behind and also disrupting my education was annoying but I would rather move abroad for a year or so then spend the time until I'm 18 being hasseled by social workers and stuck in a home.
With that in mind I stepped through customs and looked for my dorky older brother. I spotted him straight away. Even though we were inside he was wearing those starkid classes and it brought a smile to my face. No one was with him and even though I was slightly excited to meet the rest of starkid I needed time to adjust.
My brother had come over to help with the funeral and sign off all the papers with social services but he had to leave a couple days early because of something or other, I couldn't remember. As soon as he saw me he ran up and gave me a massive hug.
"It's going to be okay Jen" He whispered in my ear.
"I know" I whispered back.
We hugged for ages and got a few funny looks off people. I was quite tall for my age and because of my pale complextion and British aceent we looked more girlfriend/boyfriend than brother/sister.
When we did break apart he took my suitcase and we headed off to his car.
"So how was the work thingy?" I asked trying to take my mind of the humdity that hit me almost immediatly. I forgot how hot it was in Chiago but it was a nice change to the rain I left in England. I would like it at first when I would visit but after a week I couldn't stand any more and would miss the damp grey of the UK.
"Work thingy?" Brian said. "I'll have you know that my work is very serious"
"How is working with your friends making up musicals about stuff you love then becoming an internet sensation and finding fame, serious?" I ask while putting on my sunclassses. Primark's best £2 design. They were like Brian's but were floral patterns instead of a bright colour.
"There is a lot of serious stuff involved" He said while putting the key into the car.
"I believe you" I put the CD player on and when the starship album came up I looked at Brian.
"It's good publicity" He says while shrugging his shoulders. I laugh a little, glad to be back in the company of my big brother.

Author note: I hope you like it. It will be a romance story but thought I put the back ground in and make the chapters short and sweet (maybe sometimes longer depending on how hyper I am) Please comment and expect another chapter by tonight :P

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