Who would you fall for? Neko, Angel, Vampire, Werewolf, Fallen Angel part 6

by: nekosrule16


Hi ppl, thanks for taking my quizzes. Please at least 5 comments to continue, and give me some ideas too! I promise to make more then if I get enough comments. If anyone likes Jack tell me, or in the next one I might take him out of the results. By the way, sorry about the wait, things are crazy at school and my grandparent got here a few days ago for spring break and I haven't had time to write before now.

  1. 1)

    After Ben gor you up he grabbed your arm and dragged you out the door. He pulled you close and kissed you. "Oh, ___, I'm so so sorry we let that creep get to you. We don't want you to get hurt."

  2. 2)

    said Ben. "It's ok, you didn't know he was coming," you replied back. With that he kissed you again.

  3. 3)

    Then you hear the door open. "__, are you ok? Sorry we-" You break away from Ben and see Jay there with his ears and tail down. You catch his eye and he runs away.

  4. 4)

    You run after Jay and find him in his room. "Jay, Jay are you ok?" you ask him. "Yeah, its just..."

  5. 5)

    AND CUT!!! CLIFFHANGER MUHAHAHAHA! Comments, rate, friend

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