Prom Night Dream - Boy Version

This is a decide your destiny story. To play the girl version click here:

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Chapter 1

The New Boy

Your mother and father died in a horrific car crash when you were young. You can hardly remember them, so it wasn't very hard for you. Since that day, your grandmother had looked after you. But now she too has passed away of old age and you are going to Australia to live with your Aunt Jo and cousin Anne.

Bags packed and ready to go, you board the plain to Australia. You are seated next to a cute girl about your age, who is smiling right at you the minute you sit down.
You smile back, "Hi. I'm Cody,"
"Hey Cody," she says, "My name is Amelia. Looks like we're going to be stuck this horrid plain together. I'm actually here with my school for an extension history course in Australia. What about you? Travelling alone?"
"Oh, nah. I'm going to Australia to stay with my family. My parents are... Well, dead."
Amelia stopped smiling,"I'm so sorry! I didn't realize!"
"Its not your fault," You say.

You and Amelia chat for a while and you're sure she is flirting with you, but after a few hours you feel sleepy and fall asleep after the meal! When you wake up Amelia is looking out the window excitedly. You rub your eyes and stretch your arms out in front of you, "What are you looking at?" You ask her.
Amelia turns and faces you, "Oh, you're finally awake. You slept for so long! Look out the window, we're in Australia! Its so pretty, don't you think?"
Staring out the window, you realize that you really are in Australia!

It takes a while for the crew to rush everybody out of the plain, but you are finally in the Airport. Where is Aunt Jo? Amelia has already left with her school, and you are left alone.

>> To stay where you are and wait for Aunt Jo, go to Chapter 2
>> To wonder around and look for Aunt Jo, go to Chapter 3

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