Rant Farm #1

Welcome to the Rant Farm! (In case you can't see me, I am spreading my arms out widely in front of me.) In case you didn't notice, that's a spoof from Disney Channel's Ant Farm, and I give them totally give them credit, but anyways.... Today's topic: Eh, read to see it. No one really reads these anyways. But if you do, send in possible rant topics for me to do!

Chapter 1

My First Rant

You may or may not have seen my poll from the other day asking whether I should do this blog or not. If not, here's a link:
My first topic of rantation is the people who insist that you have gotten a haircut when you clearly haven't. Now, I know this seems like a rather insignificant thing to rant about, but it clears my mind for more important things. :)
I do not understand the people who insist that you have gotten a haircut when it's obvious that you haven't. You walk into school or run into someone one day, and they greet you by saying:
"Did you get a haircut?"
"No, does it look different?" You smooth your hands over your hair self-consciously.
"Yeah.....Are you sure?"
"Yeah." If you are like me, inside you might be thinking, "Of course, I'm sure! What, do you think someone cut my hair in my sleep and I am totally unaware of the fact?"
"Really? Are you positive?" they persist.
"Hmm, no trim?"
"No highlights?"
"No bangs?"
"Still no." It goes on and on like this for a while. I'm not sure what they think. Do they think they understand my hair more than I do? Man, these people can irk me to no end with their strange ideas that I drastically changed my hair over night. I am going to steam a little over this, but I'm sure tomorrow, my hatred will have dissipated.
Guys, I'm not sure that you can really relate to this, but maybe next time, you will.
Anyways, look out for Rant Farm #2, and check out my profile.
For those of you who took my poll and asked for me to talk about baloney (you'd have to see the poll....) Here you go. It is from www.findingyourownhome.com, but I got it off of www.bing.com, so here's the link:


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