the story of who???

This story is a story of a fox named Kodak.

Chapter 1


tall buildings broke in to view, tall buildings on either side, and a broken rode stretched in front of him, the young fox was in an ally, starting to stand up he looked at the end of the road, at the end of the road was more building’s, that was all he could see, yet not A sounds of people nor cars.

He looks down to check himself, ‘I look fine’ he mumbled. He start’s to walk towards the street thinking to himself, ‘Were am I’ ‘and why am I naked?’ The road ahead doesn’t look far but the walk felt like forever.
Finely he reaches the end of the road, looking both way’s to see if there were any people and if they where naked as well?, there is no one he in sight, he step’s out of the ally, slowly he looks around, it’s like a big bowl no exit but where he came, in the middle of the bowl like town, is a park, beautiful green grass, benches to eat on, and swings for the kids to play on!, on a swing was a full set of cloths, he walks over to them he looked around to see who may have put them there, not a soul in sight, he looked at the size of the cloths, the pants where baggy and the shirt as well, he put the cloth to his nose to smell them suspiciously. A women’s voice said 'you don’t have to put them on if you don’t want to', the fox turned quick to see a women standing in the door of an apartment, he put the pants on as quick as he could, looking up to look the women, who was no longer there, he searched all the way around, relieved to find no one was watching.

he put the shirt on next, holding his pants up as he walked to the building where the women was standing. There was a belt in front of the door without hesitating he picked it up and put it on, thou baggy it didn’t look that bad on him. Looking through the glass doors he saw nothing, so he walked closer to the doors and slowly pushing them open, he searched for the women but did not speak.
she called out to him saying 'come', he fallowed the her up the stairs, walking and walking seeming like it would never end, finely he found her walking towards a metal door with a small window, she opened it and walking through, shuting it without waiting for him, he fallowed until he found himself on the rooftop, it was dark and cloudy yet still clear enough to see far out to the mountains. Searching again,
she was standing by the ledge looking out to the mountains, he walked up to her and taped her shoulder with his padded finger she moved her hair out of her face with her hand and turned to the fox, and said 'I used to come up here with my mother, and look at the wonderful hills with the road winding around them. Mother and I would watch my father go to work in his pickup truck, then I would stay here until I could not see him anymore’. The only thing the fox said was ‘Why’. After a while of sitting and talking she said ‘the army came, and I knew that we where now at war, but I didn’t know with who, or why’,
‘I’m the only one in this city’, everyone’s left, they left everything, there dogs there cats there food their cars everything, including me.
‘ I found my way around, and got plenty of food and water’.
‘Why don’t you leave’? the girl said ‘WHY SHOULD I, I’m,,, I’m fine here, theirs everything I could ask for, she got up and dusted herself off and looked up, ‘It's going to rain’ she said, 'do you want anything' 'sure what do you got' 'anything you want', they both started walking down the stairs when the fox said 'how did you know I was coming ?', she said 'your message on the radio', he looked at her funny, 'what message?', she grinned and said, 'come on', she grabbed his paw and led him down into the basement, here was a radio a sofa and all the things she said she had, she walked to the radio, flipped a switch and nothing but static, she messed with the knob until she hit one mixed with static and a voice, he listened until it was over, he said in a mumbled, is that me?.
she flipped the switch off and walked to the table, he got up and fallowed, in the corner of his eye he saw something, he turned his head and saw a pile guns, to the right boxes and boxes of ammo, he stared for a while and then turned, she was making pancakes and bacon, she set a plate in front of him he gave thanks to the women, ‘why are you taking care of me?’, she grabbed her own plate and sat down, ‘I knew that you where coming, I knew there where raiders beyond the wall of stacked trucks, I don't want to be lonely anymore, so I'm keeping you alive’ she had a soft smiled, ‘…what trucks…?’ ‘WHAT, THEY MOVED THE TUCKS’, she jumped up and ran up the stairs she looked out the glass doors, ‘good!!! there not here yet’, she ran back down, she was hard to fallow!!!, when I got back down the stairs, I found her handing me a rifle and a pistol and two belts of ammo, ‘what’s this?’, ‘you’ll need it’ she exclaimed.
They walked back up the stairs, to the glass doors he walked through earlier, gazing out in to the small city, he saw some shadows in the ally he woke up inn, he whispers it to the woman, as she looked towards the ally the shadow was gone, she gazed for a few seconds, until the shadow came back, she lightly nodded, she slowly walked towards to the door in a crouch, she slowly opened the glass door, she stuck her arm out and chucked a grenade towards the ally, it hit a small truck, ‘nice throw’ he mumbled, BANG!!!, the truck had holes all the way down it.

The shadows started coming closer, ‘oh crap’ she mumbled, and the shadows turned into full bodies, five anthropomorphic critters, one of them was a raccoon. The other a wolf and the two other's coyote’s. she turned still in the crouch going through her bag finely she found two metal stubs, placing them on either side of the doors, she looked in her bag again to find some fishing string, she tied the ends around the stubs keys, then she looked up and out the glass she saw them looking and smelling around until they spotted them, she stood and said take this and run, he grabbed the bag as she shoved in his arms, he stood and thought for a second ‘she changed from when I first met her!!’, she poked him in the chest hard as she could, before she said anything ells he ran down the stairs, she took her gun and hid behind the check inn counter, she covered her head until she heard the door open, BANG!!! BANG!
She put her gun on the desk aiming at the door, she saw the dead and bloody body of a coyote, she told me to come over slowly, he started walking towards her looking out the window, no one was out there?, he almost tripped on the body, looking down at it he saw some grenades, and grabbed them and walked on, he got behind the counter as well, aiming the gun at the doors like she was. He asked her finely, what’s your name? , she looked at him and back at the door, ‘Marry, uh what’s yours? ‘Kodak’. They both heard a footstep in front of the building, there was no doors now so they where in more danger then before.

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