Lisa's Rant Book

This aren't dead serious rants! Yeah, I'm serious about what I say, but they're not about serious things. Not really. But people can still get offended. :-/

Don't, please. XD
Most of these will be based off things on here, but not all. And I'll be sending out invites everytime a make a new rant. ^_^
Here we go.

Chapter 1

Texting Speak (oops, sorry, I meant txt spk)

by: 24601
I cannot understand it! And it's ANNOYING. Especially in stories.
Srry, but im nt rding a stry with grmer all lyk dis. Its annying.

(^) See what I mean? I can hardly read what I wrote.
Do you read books with grammar like that? Nope.

I don't care if the characters are texting. It still shouldn't be that bad.

With messaging conversations on here, I'm a bit more understanding. I mean, it can be more relaxed. I see that.
if i gt a msg with grmer dis bad ill jst dlte it.

There's just a line between understandable and "WHAT THE FUDGE? I CAN'T READ THAT!"

Really. I'm not kidding, I'll delete messages with text speak.

When I first joined the site, and wasn't used 2 social networking and grammar nazis, I did talk like u remember, 1st friends?

Bt I nvr tlked lyk dis.

Now I talk like this.

See what I mean by the line that you cross?

Yes, I am a GN, or Grammar Nazi. And you can't just ignore that. I don't do this to be mean. Really. Most smart people are like this. ^__^

And I'm not the only Grammar Nazi here. Some of my friends are, too coughcoughGraceAnnecoughcough.

So don't hate on me. Or my friends. It's suicide.

Here's a factor to consider for stories...
If you want me to rate your story 5 stars, it needs to be entertaining, not containing Mary-Sues, and have correct spelling and good grammar.
Just throwing that out there.

My other pet peeve is this:
There, their, and they're.

An example of there would be:
I'm going over there tomorrow night.

Basically, used to indicate that that is where you're going. There.

An example of their is this:
It used to be their Pokèmon game, before they gave it to me.
Used to show ownership.

And they're:
They're coming to my house for a sleepover on Saturday.

It's a contraction for "They are".

One more thing is quotation marks.

You need them, honey.

And you need to put a COMMA before the quotation marks, and a comma after the speaker is finished speaking, unless they exclaimed something (then an exclamation point is used) or if they're asking something (question mark), etc.
Or, in this situation, if you put ___ said FIRST.
Lisa said, "Maybe we should go to the mall instead."

But if ___ said is at the end, it would look like this:
"Maybe we should go the mall instead," said Lisa.

And I already gave the lecture on exclaiming something, asking a question, blah blah blah.
Quotation marks and commas: the difference between "Let's eat, Grandpa!" and "Let's eat Grandpa!"

You get it.

If this rant made you mad, sorry. Put your feelings in the comments. I don't give two fluffs. If the comments are mean, I'll delete them! (:

Mmmkay, bye.

And yes, the next rant will hopefully be longer.
This was short. *_*

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