What does your name mean? A Repost

Haha saw this repost, thought it was cute xD

Repost it if you want, or I could even make this a chain story and each chapter could be different names;)
Tell me your opinion in the comments:)

Chapter 1

Names in the Snow

Here it is

A=good kisser
B=french kisser
C=will kick your butt
D=has pets
E=crazy as heck
F=loves it hard
G=can kick ur butt
H=freaking hot
I=very very easy for ppl to like u
L=beatiful eyes
M=very good kisser
N=cool person
P=the best at all sports
Q=an animal lover
S=very hot
T=easy to fall in love with
U=will make you laugh till ur sides burst
V=most amazing kisser EVA!
W=makes ppl laugh
X=never lets ppl tellu what to do
Y=can be funny and dumb at the same time
Z=loved by everyone

mine is:
A= good kisser
D=has pets
E = crazy as heck
Haha I like my results~~And might I add that all of those are very true;)


A: good kisser(MWAH!)
L: beautiful eyes(Very true, haha I wish I had blue eyes though! Go check out my pretty eyes in the "album")
E: crazy as heck
X: never lets people tell me what to do
I: likeable
S: very hot


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