Could I get you to believe that a few letters resulted in one of the most awkward situations ever?

Chapter 1

True story

Hi guys, so you, it may be hard to believe but I actually had ANOTHER awkward experience. Not like this happens every 3 seconds. Erhm, ANYWAY,

So yeah, I guess that I'll just jump right in.

I'm in french class, right? (Heck, whadda you know) And We're writing down note cards. I made a mistake on mine and I erased it. I write really hard, so it looked really bad after erasing. So then Lexi says, "SKETCH TIME!!" Yes, SHE REALLY SAID THAT. (JK)

Lexi: That looks really bad.
Me: I know..
Lexi: Why don't you just get a new note card?

So heres the awkward part (Thats what she said). I WANTED to say, "But it's organic" Meaning that its like, saving trees or whatever else. But I may have sort have accidentally said something that sounds a lot like organic. But has an S in it, not an N. And an M after that. Yeah, if you don't know what I mean by now, just forget it.

But it doesn't end there. So, lemme set the scene. It all started up at Camp...

So me and my friend josh were really bored. So we got out our phones and we renamed everyone on our contacts list by a medieval or fantasy title. For instance...

Braden the Troll
Mom the Queen
The Kingdom (Thats my home Number)

So then I got to Lexi's name. I didn't know many female fantasy names or mythologic creatures, and I didn't want to say something like Governess or whatever. So I just put Dryad even though I didn't really know what it was.

So then, we skip to earlier today. Me and Lexi were waiting for our parents to come. So I was texting me mom (I'm so cool) so see when she would show up. Nosey, erhm, I mean Lexi, looks at my phone, and she's all, "Mom the queen?" And I'm like, "Yeah," shows contact list "I renamed everyone!!* So she's like, "Lemme see" and she looks at her own. So then she's like, "Whats a Dryad?" and I'm like, "I don't know. but its in terraria, and thats all I care about." (I didn't mention that I hate the Dryad in Terraria) So then she gets out her smart phone and searches it. SKETCH TIME.

Lexi: Ok, I got this.
Me: waits
Lexi: "A elf like creature inhabiting the forest or a tree."
Me: Well, have fun inhabiting that tree!
Lexi: I'm not that short!
Me: Well, I didn't mean it like that.
Lexi: Still looking at phone Oh. Well, that's uhh...
Me: Something tells me I should change it.
Lexi: Yeah, half of them are like, shirtless.
Me: Yeah, I'll change it to Nyad.
Lexi: What's that?
Me: Well look it up for yourself little ms. smartphone! Some of us dont have data packs!!

Yeah, I guess I really should learn not to say or use words I dont know the meaning of. I mean, I F bombed my dad when I was 7 because I didnt know what it meant, and I quoted a british youtuber and cussed at my sister not knowing I was swearing just a few days ago. facepalm

So yeah, what I want to know is, Have you ever had an awkward experience arguably equal or worse than this? Or even a mildly embarrassing story? I don't care, but seeing other people's failure makes me feel better, so help contribute to the TJ charity, but investing your memories. And hey, if we get enough embarrassing stories, maybe you can benefit from other comments. SO COMMENT FOOL.

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