Surviving Division Six

Dexa J Block, living in the year of 710 of the New World, is eleven years old, and special, even for her kind. She is 98% human, and two percent bird. That two percent has made a BIG difference... She's somehow made it all the way up to Six in the Academy. But when the Upper-humans discover her true powers, they'll start to preform the heinous experiments that bring back hellish memories from her childhood of being one of the special ones.

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Chapter 1


This book is sort of a fan-fiction from James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. This story gives away SPOILER ALERTS for the series, ESPECIALLY if you are on Nevermore. Don't read this unless you've finished the series or are absolutely not planning on reading it. It just ruins the whole thing if you read this and then read the series.

That is all.

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