Narnian Animals/Creatures.. Guess who?

by: Mermaid23

Do you think you're smart enough to guess the correct Narnian animals? Let's find out..

  1. 1

    They are nasty humanoid creatures that served the White Witch. They are thin, almost skeleton-like, with claws. Some of them were viciously clever and led the other creatures in their terrible plans.

  2. 2

    They are rare. They are agile, active creatures, though only at night,

  3. 3

    They are, more selfish, more untrustworthy, and more warlike. Many of them side with the White Witch

  4. 4

    One of them is traditionally always one of the Marshalls of the Lists. They are large and strong, and have a long and noble history in Narnia.

  5. 5

    in Narnia there are some of the most clever of the Talking Beasts. They are..

  6. 6

    They are large, intelligent, and generally friendly. they can be very dangerous due to their strength and sharp claws

  7. 7

    They are extremely mysterious creatures. A certain very dangerous breed of them prolife rated in the islands of the Eastern Sea

  8. 8

    Talking Beasts can be divided into four main categories:

  9. 9

    They are some of the most numerous birds in Narnia. They are active, talkative, but easily embarrassed creatures.

  10. 10

    They have the head and chest of a human, but the body of a horse. It is said in Narnia that no one ever laughs at a ___, and that no one who values his life would ever try to put a saddle on one.

  11. 11

    They are aloof, intelligent, graceful creatures. They maintain a strict sense of decorum amongst themselves. It takes a very great deal indeed to rattle a _ nerves

  12. 12

    They are loud, rambunctious, fast, and violent creatures. They are easy to anger and hard to calm down once they are angry. They fight with their vicious tusks.

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