A Thing Called Love(A Ryan Gosling Love Story)

A Thing Called Love(A Ryan Gosling Love Story)

So I don’t know how long this story will be but I just love Ryan Gosling and I wanted to try this out so I hope the readers will enjoy this!~Amber~

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Chapter 1


Name: Stella Shadarm

Nickname: Stell

Age: 2 years younger than Ryan Gosling

Personality: Funny, Kind, Day Dreamer, Stubborn, Sweet, Shy, Lover, Hopeless Romantic, Quirky, Clumsy

Appearance: Light Brown Wavy Hair That Goes Just Pass Her Shoulders, Bright Green Eyes, Light Skin, Medium Height, Slender, Faint Freckles Along Nose (Usually Only Noticeable During Summer), Small Nose

Family: Dad died a year ago from Cancer, Mom in the hospital, as a 55 year old who has cancer as well. Has a younger brother in college right now studying to become an architect.

Other: Huge Ryan Gosling Fan. She’s a journalist for famous people. Her hometown is St. Paul, Minnesota but she moved to L.A. because of her job. Very successful but she knows something is missing from her life

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