kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler 7 minutes in Heaven!!!

this is the order they will go in!! ciel,sebastian,Alois,Grell,Undertaker,Pluto,William * i was thinking of making it into a love story later on but im not sure so if u like it and want more or want me to make it into a love story then just leave a comment saying so!

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Chapter 1


You were uncomfortable in the dress but you ignored it. You were also nervous because u usually didnt go to these things even if it did make you look bad in other peoples eyes. You could hear people whispering about how this is the first time you showed up to a ball. It bothered you but u kept on walking and out of the blue a girl about your age came up to you and said "pick something out" in a firm voice. So you put your hand in the BIG hat. U took out the first thing your hand touched and pulled your hand out to see that you had gotten a chess piece King to be infact. "So do I keep this?" u asked the girl and she replied with " if he let's you keep it" this confused you so u asked " wait what is this and what do i do with it?" "U go into the room with the person you got!" she said in an irritated voice and pointed to the first room up the stairs. "what?!?! no i dnt want to do that!!" "too bad! ok who's the person that put in the chess piece?" she yelled. A guy about your age that had big blue eyes, black hair, and an eye patch with beautiful cloths stood up and said in a sick/nervous way "it's me" Everyone had to push you in but man in the black suit who u assumed was the boys butler said something in a mishchievious way to the boy and that was enough to get him into the room sulking. It was awkwardly quiet so you tryed to start the conversation by asking "ummm What's Your Name?" the boy replied "Ciel" " oh " u said after that. U were getting so nervous that it was quickly building up until u finally couldnt stand it and went up to him and grabbed his shoulders and asked "what are we supposed to do in here?!?" Ciel looked shocked but quickly fixed his expression into a mischievious one and looked at you and quickly but deeply kissed you. What the heck?!? you thought your anger boiling but no words would come out your face turned red with all that anger. "U asked what we're suposed to do right?" "B-b-b-but I meant it with a WORDED answer" "u should have told me... oh well too late now" Ciel said. " we only have five minutes left" he said. u spent a minute only feeling this urge to kiss him it kept growing until u finally went up to him and kissed him at first he was suprised but then kept on going until u backed up a little to get some air and he pushed forward pressing u up against the wall and went down to sucking and kissing ur throat all over until he found ur soft spot u instantly moaned then bit ur lip hoping he hadnt heard. "trying to hid ur soft spot huh?" he said with a smile and went back to sucking and kissing ur soft spot until u couldnt hold back and and finally moaned his "ciell" u could hear the people outside the room waiting laugh and suddenly someone burst open the door and came in embarissing the both of u, u walked out of the room and he said "meet me in my room later just ask my butler and he'll show u the way" and walked off down the stairs with a smirk on his face.

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