An Awkward Adventure

Created by sportygirl221 and lkblack3.

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Chapter 1

Characters (sportygirl221)

Name: Awkward Panda
Personality:Funny, Cool, Awesome,Awkward
Extra: Best Friends are Awkward Turtle and Awkward Octopus ( The Trio!)

Name:Awkward Octopus
Personality: Calm, Likes art, and quite
Extra: likes the color grey and buddies are Awkward Turtle and Awkward Panda

Name: Awkward Elephant
Personality: shy, adorable, and friendly
Extra: very shy and best friend is Awkward Rhino

Name: Frog
Personality: hyper, likes to hop, sporty
Extra: Friends is Awkward Bunny and Awkward Penguin

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