KATIE ICECREAMANDSPRINKLES BATIE. You had better be reading this. XD
(For those of you who don't know, Katie is one of my bestest besties ever, and I stalk her. Her link is http://www.quibblo.com/user/IceCreamAndSprinkles)


Chapter 1

Lalalala Katie at the pool...

Katie is up on the high dive, staring down at the water. It seems to be miles below. But this girl is no coward, she can dive without screaming or getting hurt. She just has to figure out how to entrance the pool correctly, the right position, et cetera. 

She pushes her dirty blonde hair out of her face and takes baby steps to the end of the board, heart pounding. She doesn't understand why she is so nervous. Balance and coordination is a big part of a successful dive, and this girl is a figure skater. Diving should be simple compared to this.
She knows she should just get it over with. Her mom's filming this, and Katie is planning on uploading the video to Youtube. Katie's subscribers–especially her friend Lisa, who tends to stalk–will have odd obsessions with the video. 

Katie realizes how crazy that sounds and starts to laugh so hard she nearly loses her balance.

Straightening herself out, she takes a deep breath and positions herself correctly. She looks down at the water, which she swears has to be at least 10 feet below.

Katie smiles once more at the camera, then dives.

Much to her shock, everything seems to be so fast. Not "going into the water at 100 miles per hour" fast, but just quick. It isn't like she's falling forever, jumping out of an airplane. No. Everything happens in a matter of seconds.

She hits the water with a smack, but it's not painful. Maybe to the handful of people watching her (her parents, brother, and boyfriend Damon Fizzy) it might look like it hurts, but it doesn't. 

The splash created from the force is huge, almost like a bay wave at high tide. Even though Katie can't see that, she still gets the impression.

Moments later, she comes back up to the surface and swims to the edge of the pool, adjusting her aqua bathing suit. 
She climbs out of the pool and wrings out her hair, still thinking about how fun that experience was.
Damon gives her a jumbo bar of white chocolate, and she happily starts to eat. Diving and swimming can definitely make a teenage girl hungry!

Her mom hands her the camera, and Katie watches her own dive.
While Katie is in no way conceited, she has to admit, she's proud of herself, just like when she first learned songs on her guitar.
Suddenly, she can't wait to upload her video! 
Katie takes a few more bites of the chocolate, then runs back into the pool.

While swimming underwater, she accidentally bumps her head against someone else's. She swims to the surface and looks around. She's face-to-face with one of her best Quibblo friends, Spri.
Katie screams when she realizes who she almost gave a concussion to. She screams again when Spri tells her who else is in the pool...their other Quibblo friend, Anne-Linde!

Not only are these three girls friends, but they had created their own little group called the Nun Buddies. They never expected to meet in person, all being from different countries. Katie doesn't know what her two friends are doing in Britain, but she doesn't question it.

Anne-Linde sees the other girls and swims over to them as quickly as possible, then they all group hug.

"Wow! You're Katie! And...and you're Anne-Linde! The Nun Buddies finally get to meet!" Spri exclaims.

Anne-Linde grins. "It took forever for me to convince my parents to let me come to Britain, and I just didn't expect to see you two. This is just wild. I mean, I was going into Katie's country and I didn't even expect to see her..."

"I know! I don't know why I'm in Britain, honestly. The reason is complicated...it has something to do with my mum's work. Boring!" Spri says, laughing.

"Well, the reason I'm in Britain is obvious. Oh, and did you know that Damon Fizzy moved here? We met at a candy store when he was filming for Youtube, and we've been dating for a month. I didn't post it on Quibblo...I was afraid of people accusing me of being a faker," Katie explains.

"You mean the Damon Fizzy? Katie, you're so lucky!" Anne-Linde says wistfully.

Katie laughs and points to the table where her family and Damon are. "Go get your autographs or whatever. He's right over there."

Katie's parents are very confused about what's going on, barely understanding the autographs part, let alone what two of Katie's online friends are doing at the pool in Britain.

However, once again, nobody questions the scene.

Later that night, Katie doesn't upload only her diving video, but a video of the Nun Buddies and Damon.
She also uploads a few things to Quibblo, and persuades Damon to make one.

It takes a few weeks for Katie to realize that, pretty much, this all started with a dive.

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