Backstreet Boys the real Boyband!

Backstreet Boys as you know are the most successful boyband of all time,so you would imagine that other boybands would admire them but seriously what One Direction is doing is far more than admiring it's copying,I think it's pathetic that they can't just come up with their own ideas instead of being copy-cats,the members of One Direction aren't cute nor talented...Look at that url and tell me again how original One Direction is!...

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As a huge super fan geek this is one of my obsessions!

And let me see Backstreet Boys have had multiple Diamond albums etc.
and are getting their star on the Hollywood walk of fame,oh and they will officially have been around for 20 years in 2013,they started off at extremely young ages and have stood the test of time in music with each album going strong and being a hit,they have released more than 8 albums with another one coming out next year so their you have it the best boyband ever!


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