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by: arualjd
  1. 1

    2012 chart-topper Wouter 'Wally' De Backer is known by which professional stage name?

  2. 2

    American indie band Fun's massive-selling hit 'We Are Young' featured which American soul musician?

  3. 3

    Which American rock band from Anaheim, California, released their first album for 11 years in September 2012?

  4. 4

    Urban duo Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule are better-known by which cigarette paper-inspired stage name?

  5. 5

    Which single by South Korean singer PSY had racked up over 760 million hits on YouTube by November 2012, making it one of the most watched music videos of all time?

  6. 6

    Which band provided the 'official song' for the London 2012 Olympic Games?

  7. 7

    Who won Best Newcomer at the 2012 MOBO Awards in November?

  8. 8

    Why was 2012 a significant year for pop group Girls Aloud, post-hardcore band At The Drive In and indie-rock outfit Granddaddy?

  9. 9

    Which British anarcho-punk band hung up their guitars in November 2012, prompting former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to joke about buying their greatest hits album?

  10. 10

    Who won British Breakthrough Act at the 2012 BRIT Awards?

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