Life On The Battlefield (The 10th Annual Hunger Games)

hope you enjoy! I still need people for District 8. So please message me with your character for those two districts. it can be anyone, even if you're already writing for a character. :) Constructive Criticism is encouraged so comment and rate!

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Chapter 1

I Give You The Characters!

From District 1...707402katystar's character!

Name: Star
District: 1
Gender: Female
Age: 13
District Partner: Ryan Moon
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, Tan
Personality: fun caring loving emo
Strengths: anything that has to do with telling the truth
Weaknesses: lieing
Weapon of Choice: Knife and Cross bow
Family: has a mom ( rana) brother ( maxx) dad ( scott)
Love: someone in district 1
Career: yes
Other: Wears a purple dress that has powers
Likelyhood: big has trained all life for this

From District 2...AliasUnknown's Character!

Name: Artemis Emerald Rathe
District Partner: James Zeppelin Cicadia (also 16)
Appearance: Tall, skinny, tanned, hazel-green eyes, long ( to the middle of the back) light brown hair with streaks of blonde and red, long legs.
Strengths: A fast runner, most definitely. Can climb well. Brute force is NOT her thing,though.
Weakness:strength, not really one for stamina, maybe a little TOO impulsive, does WHAT EVER it takes to survive
Family:None, except for her friend Kim Mathews, ( a boy). they both grew up in the orphanage together.
Love: She is not one for love, she..plays around with it by flirting. but she and Kim kissed when he got the wrong idea once.
Career:Gathers eggs,berries, herbs, and other things in the woods for the local clinic. Is sometimes sold as a s3% slave to older men.

From District 3.. PoetryGirl_16's character!

Name: Lya Danae Michaels
District: 3
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District Partner: Matthew James Felix
Appearance: Tall, Thin, Green eyes, Long brown curly (often tangled) hair,
Personality: Quiet, Shy, Smart, Sarcastic, Timid, Kind
Strengths: Knifes and her fists, since she is so shy and timid she can vanish easily.understanding of technology
Weaknesses: She doesn't like to see people hurt
Family: She lives with her Grandmother and has a little sister named Meira who is 10
Love: Matthew James Felix
Career: Surviving
Other: She spent a lot of time exploring where ever she could and she has spent a lot of time learning how to survive...she has also been watching how the games happen....she doesn't think she would be able to survive.

From District 4.. my character! (Volleyballgirl527)

Name: Aqua Rose Blue
District: 4
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District Partner: Kyle John Waters
Appearance: Golden Blonde Hair, Ocean Blue Eyes, Tan Skin, Tall, Slender, Freckles Across Nose
Personality: Kind, Caring, Shy, Stubborn, Athletic, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Helpful
Strengths: Knowing Edible Plants, Knot Tieing, Knows How to Heal with Herbs
Weaknesses: Helps anyone in danger
Weapon of Choice: Nets or Trident
Family: Her dad is a ship captain, mom is a stay at home mom, has three brothers, one older, one twin and one younger named Adam (Age 17) Alex (Age 16) Abel ( Age 8). Family is close to the Waters Family
Love: You'll see
Career: Most definitely not
Other: Kyle is her best friend and is more worried about him dying then if she dies.
Likelyhood: Doesn't think she has a chance but she's still a threat in other people's eyes.

From District 5...larastraw's character!

Name: November Weeder (Goes by Nova)
District: 5
Gender: Female
Age: 17
District Partner: Ezra Xander
Appearance: Long black hair, dark green eyes, pale, short but lean, freckles.
Personality: Kind, Caring, quiet, Stubborn, Athletic, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Helpful, blunt
Strengths:An amazing climber due to her job in the district, flexible, swift,
Weaknesses: claustrophobic
Weapon of Choice: small daggers
Family: She was adopted by her cousin and lives with his wife and two children
Love: Maybe...
Career: Nope
Other: She doesn't like to hurt people but she will if her life depends on it.
Likelyhood: People don't regard her as a threat at first but soon learn that she can be vicious.

From District 6...Batwing's character!

Name:Cinnamon Kara Horan
District: 6
Gender: Female
Age: 14
District Partner: Coal Simon McRivers
Appearance: Short, thin, freckled, red hair, one brown eye, one blue
Personality: Stubborn, care-free, prankster, easygoing, AWESOME...
Strengths: Can use a sword, a bow and arrow, and can throw daggers accurately. Knows plants that can heal or kill, but doesn't use much.
Weaknesses: Trusts people too easily, doesn't like the sight of blood.
Weapon of Choice: Herbs(poisonous) or bow and arrow.
Family: Mom and Dad and siblings dead. Died from an epidemic. Lives with best friend Rose.
Love: Stone Abel Greenwood
Career: Student
Other: Is Irish. Her accent is fairly strong so people sometimes have problems understanding what she's saying.
Likelyhood: Is short, but is strong. She thinks that she might have a slim chance of winning, but she hates to kill people even animals, so she doesn't think she'll make it.

From District 7...JustinBieberGirl345's character!

Name: Taylor Smith
District: 7
Gender: Female
Age: 15
District Partner: Liam Parks
Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, and medium-sized, has a few freckles
Personality: sweet, kind, nice, helpful, friendly, trustworthy
Strengths: using bows and arrorws and hiding from enemies
Weaknesses: berries
Weapon of Choice: bows and arrows
Family: only has a mom and her dad died when she was little. has a little sister emma
Love: Liam Parks
Career: No
Other: Liam has been her best friends forever and she doesn't want him to die
Likelyhood: Somehow she a threat to others

From District 8...larastraw's character!

Name: Cecil Baxter
District: 8
Gender: Male
Age: 17
District Partner: Riley Twilight
Appearance: Tall, lean, brown shaggy hair and eyes
Personality: quiet, comes off as moody, intelligent, kind, trustworthy, helpful
Strengths: strong, fast, great stamina, good with herbs
Weaknesses: afraid of failure
Weapon of Choice: spears
Family: Mother, Father and a younger sister who is 12
Love: Maybe...
Career: Nope
Other: Most people cower in his presence.
Likelyhood: Some of have money on his survival. Most people think he'll be the one to win.

From District 9...NiallsWifey's character!

Name: Rhiannon Ash (goes by Rhi)
District: 9
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District Partner: Pax Nichols
Appearance: dark brown curly hair to her waist, green-gold eyes, pale skin dusted with freckles, 5'6
Personality: quiet until you know her, sarcastic and tends to come off as moody
Strengths: her stealth and her smarts concerning plants and berries.
Weaknesses: seeing her own blood makes her queasy and likely to faint.
Family: 6y.o brother Kellin and her parents
Love: Pax
Career: student
Weapon of choice: Bow, Sword
Other: strong immune system, so she's less likely to die of disease

From District 10... PoetryGirl_16's character!

Name: Marcus Taine
Age: 17
Looks: Tall, Muscular, Long-ish dark brown almost black hair, Blue eyes, Nice smile, Nice teeth, Tan-ish
Personality: Loud, Brash, Full of emotion, Trusts, Learns quickly, Determined
District: 10
Family: No one, he lives by himself in his parents old house.
Strengths: Extremely strong, has worked with animals his entire life...he knows plants and how to hunt. Weapon choice...he doesn't have a preference...he can learn to use most weapons easily.
Weaknesses: Doesn't like to hurt people....and is willing to sacrifice for others...trusts to easily.
District partner: Adeera Hunts
Love interest: Falls for Lya after he meets her in the Capitol.
Winning: He's not sure if he has a chance...but some of the others find him a threat.

From District 11...Cherry125's character!

Name: Sapphire Maine
District: 11
Gender: Female
Age: 17
District Partner: Ira Lennox
Appearance: Chocolate brown skin, thick dark brown curls and large eyes, very tall and muscular.
Personality: Sapphire is hardworking and tough. She hates people from District 4 because a tribute from there killed her brother and she can appear coldhearted when in truth she isn't and is only trying to protect her feelings from getting hurt.
Strengths: Very strong, knows how to spot edible plants, can survive under harsh conditions
Weaknesses: Isn't a skilled fighter, can't swim
Weapon of Choice: Spear
Family: Mom was wiped to death by a Peacekeeper after eating an apple in an orchard, big brother died in the 7th Hunger Games and now she lives with her sickly dad.
Career: Harvester
Likelyhood: People think she’s intimidating because of her muscular build and Sapphire dearly hopes she has a chance of winning.

And the final tribute..from District 12.. softballfreak94's character!

Name: Isabella Nicole Martinez
District: 12
Gender: female
Age: 17
District partner: Justin Phelps
Appearance: short, tanish, brown hair, brown eyes
Personality: stubborn, fun, caring, smart
Strengths: bow and arrow
Weakness: plants
Weapon of choice: bow and arrow
Family: Teresa Martinez (mom) dad died in coal mining accident younger sister Zoey Martinez 13
Love: Justin Phelps
Career: student
Other: can pretty much do anything but doesn't trust the plants she understands how everything goes Since she pays close attention to the previous hunger games
Likelyhood: thinks she could get close to the end has a lot of self confidence in her self

Enjoy! and if you want another character to write for or to be a new author in this story. District 8 is up for grabs! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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