Chapter 1

Yeah if you don't like it.... oh well

I could spend hours i the water
I can never be happy again
I have blue eyes
I love to paint
I hate sympathy
I love it when someone acknowledges me or remembers me
I can't stand silence
I'm scared of most creepy crawlies
I want to live in the country
I love the feeling of looking out the window
I avoid crowds
I feel ashamed when I cry
I don't think I'm a good person
I feel like a dissapointment
I dream of seeing the northern lights
I'm childish
I feel insecure when I'm alone
I feel replaceable
I feel like I'm doing everything wrong
I get addicted easily
I get judged for everything I do
I don't feel at home when I'm home
Sometimes I dread going home
I'm a cloudwatcher
I get hurt easily
I hate my name (only a few people will know this one)
I get lost in my thoughts
I hate reality
I have trouble putting a book down
I just wanna be myself and not be judged for it
I could live in a bookstore
I need to realize there are other people in the world with bigger problems
I love ugly sweaters
I never feel like I belong
I feel uncomfortable in my own skin
I still love Barbie
I smile at strangers
I prefer books to movies
I stand up for everyone but myself
I want to be loved but I'm afraid of letting anyone close to me
I've been lied to so many times I don't know who to trust
I wish things hadn't changed like they did
I'm a night owl
I'm easily frustrated
I'm moody
I'm losing myself along the way
I'm odd
I'm sick of faking smiles
My interest is piqued by the strangest things
My online friends know more about me than my offline friends

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