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Chapter 1


by: FerSure
Guys, I hadn't been online for a bunch of time! I Missed you all! I'm really moved,because I got a bunch of messages of people asking me if I was okay, and being super nice and I'd like to say I feel a bunch better! Thanks for worrying, you guys were all so sweet! You know what? If you ever need to message someone/ you feel down, talk to me. I'm all ears and I don't judge. And always remember youre special so think twice before you kill yourself :0

I don't think I'll come on as much as before,but if enough of you request it, I might open a twitter or an instagram(whichever you prefer or both) which I'll keep up-to-date with the craziest things that go through my mind.

N-E-ways... Merry Christmas and have a happy and full of blessings, New year!

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Created by FerSure

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