Crush Test

Chapter 1

Don't read if you don't like reposting

1. Pick your favorite color out of the following: A. Red B. Pink C. Yellow D. Green E. Blue F. Purple
2. Pick your favorite animal out of the following: A. Cat B. Dog C. Fish D. Snake E. Parrot F. Mouse
3. Pick your desired honeymoon spot: A. Hawaii B. New York C. East Africa D. Spain E. Montana
4. Pick your favorite instrument: A. Violin B. Piano C. Electric Guitar D. Drums 5. Pick your favorite soft drink: A. Dr. Pepper B. Sprite C. Coca Cola D. Pepsi E. Mountain Dew
6. Name A Person Of The Opposite S^x...
7. Name A Person Of The Same S^x...
8. The Time Now...
9. Your Age
10. You don't have to write it down, but make a WISH make sure it's what you really want. ...and then scroll down! (now go down, and you will see the answers!!!)

*** ****** *********** ****************** ************************ ************************** ***************************** ****************************** ***************************** **************************** *************************** ************************* ************************ ********************* ***************** ************** *********** ******* **** *** ****** *********** ****************** ************************ ************************** ***************************** ****************************** ***************************** **************************** *************************** ************************* ************************ ********************* ***************** ************** *********** ******* **** *** ****** *********** HERE ARE THE ANSWERS!
Question number ONE: A. Red - Adventurous B.. Pink - Fun C. Yellow - Sweet D. Green - Wacky E. Blue - Romantic F. Purple - Mysterious
Question number TWO: A. Cat - Feminine B. Dog - Loving C. Fish - Boring D. Snake - Boyish E. Parrot - Annoying F. Mouse - Brainy
Question number THREE: A. Hawaii - Romantic B. New York - Busy C. East Africa - Curious D. Spain - Mysterious E. Montana - Country Girl/Boy
Question number FOUR: A. Violin - Intellectual B. Piano - Popular C. Electric Guitar - Wacky D. Drums - Wild
Question number FIVE: A. Dr. Pepper - Popular B. Sprite - Wacky C. Coca Cola - Wild D. Pepsi - Fun E. Mountain Dew - Athletic
Question number SIX: That person will have a crush on you after you repost this!
Question number SEVEN: That person will become your enemy if you don't repost this!
Question number EIGHT: How many hours long you have to repost this! Question number NINE: How many months that you and the person in number 6 will go out! if you repost this..or longer
Question number TEN: That will come true if you repost this in the amount of time (question) number 8 REPOST THIS AS "CRUSH TEST"

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