Chapter 1


A- My Full Name (no last name for my srry :( )

B- My Height

C- My Siblings (If any)

D- My Most Embarrassing Moment

E- My Pets

F- My Shoe Size

G- What Grade I'm In

H- My Age

I- My Favorite TV Shows (Seriously who knows me that DOESN'T know this?!)

J- My Favorite Movies

K- The Name Of My Best Friend(s)

L- My First Love

M- Super Power I Would Have

N- Favorite Subject In School (Favorite subjects?! People actually have those?!)

O- Prized Possession

P- Favorite Color

Q- If I Want To Get Married

R- If I Want Kids

S- Dream House Location

T- Dream Job

U- Where I Live Now

V- Male Celeb Crush (If you don't know this by now then...idek what to do with you -_-)

W- Female Celeb Crush (BUT I'M NOT A LES O.O)

X- Favorite Animal

Y- Saddest Moment

Z- Quirks

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