Letting My Feelings Out. (Haters Don't Read)

Chapter 1


Fresh blood, running down my wrist.
New beginnings, in the swipe of a fist.
What are you waiting for?
No one will come to your door.
Nightmares, drowning in my mind.
Deaths grip, a heavy bind.
Don't look back.
Just a scream in an attack.
I'd ask 'Can you hear my cries?'
I'd get mournful goodbyes.
I'd stay strong.
Hard to hang on.
Crying icy tears.
All those painful years.
Hole in my heart.
Wasn't there from the start.
I wanted it to be perfect.
Not shameful neglect.
Do you hear me?
Can you see?
The pain of love is blinding me.

I will take you there.....


Created by CageTheRage

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19, Male
Hanging from a rope, Pretty much dead, VU
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